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Pony Bio Template 3



I decided to update my pony biography template into something nicer, cleaner and more space-efficient. I brought back the scroll motif from the original, but tried to utilize it in a way that still looked nice but didn't waste as much space as in the original.

The text categories are relatively unchanged from the second version. Though some did get shuffled around. However, I did try to give some categories a little more space to enter information into. Namely the Additional Notes category to allow more space to put backstory information and other info into. Plus I added additional color circles for a character's coat and hair as well as additional circles for any other notable colors a character may require.

I also adjusted the section for Element affinities to make it look nicer and generally easier to adjust than the hexagon on the previous bio template (Just Ctrl + Click & Drag the arrows sideways). I also added a category for general physical and mental attributes a character might have that can be adjusted the same way.

Click Download to recieve a .zip file containing the .svg for use in Inkscape or any other vector-capable program.

As with the previous templates they require the Equestria font from this link:

Original: Pony Bio Template - Old
Version 2: Pony Biography Template


Feel free to use this template for your pony OCs. I would appreciate links back here if you do use it of course.

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