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MLP Chronological Timeline



Seasons 1 through 3 currently.

This was something of a side project I started to help me plan out a much larger story project that I wanted to run parallel to the canon events of Friendship is Magic. However, I'd held off on starting the larger project because I frankly couldn't come up with a sequence of events I was happy with.

Then Tanks for the Memories came along and applied a very significant frame-of-reference to the show's episodes (Princess Twilight Sparkle 1 & 2 as well to a lesser extent). While simultaneously scrambling the episode order of seasons 1 and 2.

Seasons 4 and 5 are still missing since there are some details I need to look through in their episodes before I feel comfortable adding them to the list, and season 6 is still airing and could surprise me with something as well. I'll update this file when I finish combing through the remaining episodes.

Please note: This is by no means me saying "this is the exact order the episodes really happen in." There are episodes that have no specific requirements to where they could go, and future episodes could even change the order as well.

Not to mention I could've easily missed additional details. I lost track of how many times I had to move episodes around because of a new detail I'd stumbled across.


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Hello Auren Dawnstar!

I must say, I was very impressed with what you’ve managed to put together!

Yours and Starshine Sprinkles’ work ( has inspired me to create my own interpretation of the timeline, taking into account all the comments and arguments about questionable placement of certain episodes - but with some major changes, such as – (1) accounting for the actual dates on which the episodes occurred and fitting them into one year (2) including storylines and other material from the IDW comics, chapter books, mangas and other picture storybooks etc.

Although doing so has led me to shuffle some of the episodes around so that they, to a great extent, do not take place in the same order as yours or Starshine’s chronology, I have decided to not interfere with the wording you and Starshine originally used in your explanations, because they were so apt and so beautifully thought-out.

I have also followed your exact format of presentation of the material (i.e. the episode/comic/storyline name, followed by ’major note’, ‘minor note(s), ‘special note’), because your style was so clear and to-the-point.

I am nearly in the final stages of competing my work, and would like to post in on my DeviantArt page and other MLP related sites. I have credited you of course , and also mentioned which bits I’ve left intact, and what extra material I have added. However, I would like to know if you are OK with it. I will only post my timeline when you give me permission to do so.

Hoping for a positive response! Have a great day!

- Dreamstar Moonlight