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Just busy with work and stuff; bought a new car, been playing vidya on my days off. Planning on getting back into music this week if all goes well tho 
For fans, by fans (my fan club/hangout)
For fans, by fans (my fan club/hangout)
Working as a millwright apprentice; im still working on getting used to working full-time, and getting used to standing all day and stuff. I'll get some new stuff out asap though and appreciate everyone's patience!… Come in and watch us draw!!…
Took Luna to the vet, it doesn't look good. I knew she's been sick for awhile but I didnt know how bad it was; she's got thick smelly discharge from her mouth and her breath smells awful. Painful to the touch and won't eat many types of food. She seems to whine/cry a lot more lately like she's hungry, but won't eat well. She's got major inflammation and infection around all of her teeth, there's 3 possible causes here, in order from most to least likely:

1) Infection of the gums and/or teeth
2) Auto-Immune disorder
3) Cancer

1) If she has an infection, antibiotics for 2 weeks MAY potentially help if the damage from infection isnt too bad. But she's had this issue for like a year or two and it just gets worse, didnt even realize it was an issue.
She'll require xrays if the antibiotics don't clear it up, to see if it's cancer or something else. Pricy.
She may require exrtaction of all teeth, which would cost me like over 1000$ at least, which I obviously don't have. She'd then be toothless or require regular maintenance on her other teeth.
2) If she has an auto-immune disorder she'll require medication orally for life. I A) cant afford that and B) Can't follow through with that, she does NOT like things anywhere near her mouth
3) If it's cancer, she'll need to be put to sleep :(

Now those all would be options if money were no object and if I had a job, but it isnt, and I don't. Right now she's in pain, is thinning out, has fleas bad and is probably very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain.

There only seems to be one option. It's honestly a lot harder to take than I thought, I never thought I'd get that close to an animal; but Luna's like my best friend and the best cat I couldve asked for. Was always extremely affectionate and playful, and she'd always crawl up on my lap and on my hip when I worked or sleep, and she'd sleep there. I was optimistic this morning, but all the happiness and optimism in the world's come crashing down to a shattering bottom, I was not prepared for this. It was never an option. It was never ever an option.

I have to make some decisions over the next few days and figure out how I'm gonna come to terms with her sleep if that's what it comes to. Frickin hell man this was never supposed to happen like this. 

EDIT: Turns out it's leaning towards situation  #2, which would require full teeth extraction, which would cost a fortune

that's all thanks <3 Loved it
To help brand distinction between my professional alias for music, and this alias for art. When sharing my work, the old alias should still pull my stuff if you use the full one (aurelleah everfree) but this one is a bit more fitting for artwork. Working on cleaning up search engine pulls.… Ye, get on in here
I pretty much died artistically this month; im sorry, basically a small vacation to work on music and to get myself de-art-blocked; plans are to start in full swing doing SINGLE LAYER PICTURES WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when I'm back. If you've got a commission that's not a single layer, Youll probably wind up getting a single layer. If youre deadset on multiple layers, I can still do that but you might get pushed behind the single layer people; I want to practice doing single layers because theyre way easier to blend with and much more time efficient
One year's worth of work culminated in one final song: 
With choosing a name for my magnum opus Epic Orchestral track. Im almost finished what used to be called Solaria, but I cant use that name for this song. The song is basically Lullaby for a Princess, except it's from Luna's point of view and is much more "epic" than LfaP was (which was more intimate). I need something unique and cool sounding, but easily searchable. Like how Lullaby for a Princess is unique and searchable but describes the song really well. Midnight Lament was another good example. I'll be eternally grateful for any and all ideas!! 

Here's the lyrics

0:00 - Darkened thoughts Clouding innocent lives
0:05 - The past mistakes Of simpler times
0:10 - Shroud the world in sorrow
0:14 - For losing you to the monster you built inside

0:20 - And though it pains me to fight with you
0:24 - Over the torment that you've gone through
0:29 - No reassurance can dispell
0:34 - all of the sorrow that's been left behind

0:57 - The world I've known has been nothing but lies
1:02 - And far too long have I stood by your side
1:07 - Obscurred by the endless shadow of your
1:11 - feigned respect and your broken promises

1:16 - A fallen star forgotten by her night
1:22 - On broken wings In silent flight
1:26 - Assurance made of harmony but spoken
1:30 - with out love or the slightest bit of truth

2:14 - How can you pretend to know the pain I've felt
2:19 - Spending every day in the dark
2:22 - Living in the shadow cast
2:26 - by my ever brighter solar counterpart

2:32 - Spending every night alone
2:36 - Excluded from any praise
2:40 - For the work that I've done
2:45 - And the efforts that I made

2:48 - You don't have go do this
2:50 - We can go back
2:52 - You won't have to deal with
2:54 - this sadness you have

2:57 - Now Don't you see, sister?
2:58 - It's too late for that
3:01 - I've spent too long
3:02 - Giving all I had

3:06 - Enjoy your precious sunlight
3:10 - Cause now it's time to dream
3:15 - Now the night will last forever
3:18 - And in your nightmares I'll hear your screams

(Luna becomes Nightmare Moon upon impact, fight scene with sadness ensues)

4:39 - Oh sister,
4:42 - I am sorry,
4:46 - But the world won't bear the weight
4:50 - Of the foolishness I had
4:56 - and the errors of my ways

5:00 - I'll walk a thousand crushing nights
5:05 - Reliving the every word I heard
5:11 - Until the day I make it right
5:15 - Until the day that you return
So excited to release this song, it's so hard not to just release it right now. So pretty <3