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Tried to adjust my style a bit. I think next time Im not gonna use a textured pencil for lines

Everything I do is made possible by Chandler/Azure Serenity on Patreon, and by my other patrons whose support make my learning and experimenting possible!! Wanna help too? Check out my patreon here <3
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Hello. You're the artist? I'm looking for a few visual artists that might be interested in a project. See, I have a full length adventure book being published that's over 125,000 words, 45 chapters and 270 pages and I'm looking for artists that can create mane styles, props, cutie marks and props. If you're interested PM me. Or if any artists out there want to contribute, please message me. Thanks!

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Okay to be've been granted a gift to commission for BronyCon for this piece of art is amazing and attributes to the Canadian country well.

Dynamics aside this is truly inspiring and the choices of colors for this MLP and snowboard are the top interest, and the full detail you put into here hair and all the studying it must have took to get the snowboard and straps just right must've been hard work at least. Although I will say that way she is swaying on cold snowy almost looks like she's about to fall right off the mountain's slope not to mention the concentrate of the blue line at the front is almost a give away if you look closely enough and pay attention to the surroundings like a Hawk. Her cutiemark outstanding and I love the little bit of grooves to it and I think it compliments the kind of red you used on the board. I love also how blissfully smooth you made the snow on the top of snow as if it is like water as Apricity places her well detailed hoof into the snow and even the realism of the clouds and the color gradience of the colors is amazing so KUDOS to that! <img class="avatar" width="50" height="50" src="…" alt=":iconkakashithumbsupplz:" title="kakashithumbsupplz" />

Now ice is hard to master even in cartoons (trust me I know), but overall the smooth and edgy landscape in the background is amazing and so vast! I think the picture would've sold it if you added Rainbow and Pinky in the background hanggliding and flying respectively, because let's be honest everypony, your pony is lookin into the distance as if she is interacting with other characters...and too me it makes the picture look sad and lonely and I know what's it's like being lonely so the impact is given a bit more rise. But in comparison wise...I look at Apricity and see as like a Marceline of the north, strong, a bit of loner when it comes to her favorite thing and just downright a badass <img class="avatar" width="50" height="50" src="…" alt=":iconbadassplz:" title="badassplz" />

So kudos to it all and have fun at BRONYCON!
<img class="avatar" width="50" height="50" src="…" alt=":iconjiraiya1plz:" title="jiraiya1plz" /><img class="avatar" width="50" height="50" src="…" alt=":iconjiraiya2plz:" title="jiraiya2plz" />
<img class="avatar" width="50" height="50" src="…" alt=":iconjiraiya3plz:" title="jiraiya3plz" /><img class="avatar" width="50" height="50" src="…" alt=":iconjiraiya4plz:" title="jiraiya4plz" />
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I love the color choice of the board
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I'm still eager to know more about this whistler thing
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it's a ski resort in canada that I hear takes like 2 hours to descend all the way, massive mountain. probably pricey to do but it's like the peak of skiing
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But what are the bronycan people hinting at
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Gee, Canadian pony much?  :D
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Flipping marvelous!!
That snowboard is bold and perfect!!

Really love all the motion ♥
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DOes she gets invisible if she fall in the snow ?
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Ahahaha this is hilarious :P
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This is really gorgeous!!
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Such a patreotic snow board :D
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Gotta say that the detail on the board & the straps on it are wonderfully done
*hops out in a yeti costume*
Gimme your snowcones, foo!! >8/
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Impressive work as always Aure! Liking the sense of speed as she shreds down the slopes.
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Sweet snow style! :D
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As for the textured pencil, at the display res I can't even tell.
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Soo cool man! Love the result! (Especially as I snowboard too ^^)
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