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Hi, I'm Aurelia! ^^

My fandoms include MLP:FiM, Final Space and Bluey :heart:

I do not accept free art requests but I am available for commission work.

:bulletpink: Commission Information

:bulletpink: Bluey Commission Information

:bulletpink: Commission Terms of Service

:bulletpink: Other places you can find me, my art and my animations

If you have questions feel free to ask!

Note: I do not Roleplay. If you do not like self ships or OC/canon ships then this certainly isn't the place for you. I do not do art trades

New video on YT showing all of my unreleased and unfinished animatics/animations x (click on this "status update page" to view the video)
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Hello to everyone visiting my profile! You may have noticed that I have been uploading a lot of content lately in a very short amount of time, this is because I am in the process of updating my gallery. I stepped away from DeviantArt back in late 20
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Auelia's Donation Pool

Stars Pay for your commissions here or leave a donation

Please note that if I have not specifically agreed to accept your commission then anything sent here will be considered a donation :heart:

2000/1000 points
Thanks to everyone who donated! You helped me reach my goal!

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I love your art! Your overall designs are amazing and I just love how much attention to detail you put in your drawings!

Stranger: Aurelia right

I'm not sure if you heard but Ash Graven turned to the bad side after finding out that Avocato killed his parents. I was horrified when she chose to to be with Invictus. I had a feeling that he might be using her. Do you think you can make a picture of Aurelia convincing Ash not to become the bad guy?

He definitely manipulated her and convinced her to be on his side, it was very sad. She barely seemed like our Ash :(

I could definitely do that sometime, just needing roughly two-ish weeks to catch up on my current commission queue and then I'm free to do some more personal art :) I have quite a few artwork ideas for Aurelia and Kitt in season 3 which I'd love to draw

And hopefully they forgive Avocato for lying to Little Cato.

I know in my heart they will, Avocato has done the best he possibly could for Lil Cato under the circumstances :heart:

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Hi I'm Snoopy7c7 and I recently come across your art and really think it looks great! I'd like to offer you an art role for my audio drama, it tells the tale of the reunion of Princess Celestia and her long lost love Mirror King Sombra. If you wanna know more or are interested, let me know so we could chat!