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First and foremost, the Library map is finished!  Everything was reworked from scratch.  How the stairs would flow from one floor to the next was actively considered this time around, including how many stairs were visible on each staircase on average.  Various "flattened" 3d elements that I missed originally were fixed.  Every exterior window was matched to the correct interior window.  All in all, this is the probably the definitive version of the Library's layout.

Now if you're wondering why the Library deviation file hasn't been updated...  I'm running into a weird DA upload error - "Error uploading file: Unknown error" .  Changing the file name, file type, browser, and computer being uploaded from haven't let me bypass the issue.  I've been able to update the file for a different deviation, so I'm at a bit of an impasse here.  Until I can get the map uploaded, just download it from here:… .  My apologies for the inconvenience.

Now that this map is complete, my original plan was to move on to the other interiors and give them a shine and polish as well.  However, after spending so much time working on the Library and figuring out all the fiddly details, I've decided to continue working with the Library and create the detailed 3d model version instead before I start forgetting things.  This would include the interior, exterior, all the extra mini details that I couldn't include in the 2d map, the whole nine yards.  Once complete, the model would be made available for general purpose use (SFM movies, game prop, Oculus Rift tour, etc.), as per usual.  I also intend to submit the finished product to Shapeways (minus the basement) as a 3 piece model that can be opened up in layers to see inside (upper roof, second floor and back room roof, first floor).

Once the 3d model of the Library is complete, I'll move on to the next building.  That does mean that the time period between updates to maps will be much more extended than planned.  This isn't that big of a deal for most maps (including the main street map) as they are still mostly if not completely accurate.  Season 4 didn't really add/change much to the town due to the characters spending so much time outside of Ponyville.  The only building that needs a semi-major reanalysis is Carousel Boutique, and that's primarily due to the addition of the bathroom and the spare bedroom on the second floor.

The original plan back in the summer after Season 1 came out was to make a digital 3d model of Ponyville that anyone could explore on their computer that was as accurate as possible.  Come every season's end, I spend my spare time updating every single diagram en masse and never any time working on the 3d version.  It's time to change my workflow.  It'll take longer, but the results will be worth it.
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Can you help me make a map
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Happy Birthday ^_^ 
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i got to say Wow ^_^ i love your reference material and how organized it is. You Really Live up to that cutie mark. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put into all your works. I am Currently trying to solo build a compilation of the land of Equestria. for a game Template i have been gathering the information for various factors. Thank you for generously donating your work to the would have taken forever to computate all of this information myself...Still trying to come up with an average for the distances of Equestria. i am mostly trying to make a template for a dice gamed version of MLP on the website "Roll 20" Your Research will help me greatly ^_^ extraordinarily even. ^_^ If you had a donation pool i would most surely donate ^_^ I got most of the MLP related game mechanics already figured out ^_^ I hope that i do your work proud in the end and make something you might enjoy. 
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I've got to say. I envy your time and dedication you put into analyzing and making show accurate maps of the show.
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Thanks for the watch!! I'll try not to fangirl too hard XD
Mr-Butternubs Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Just want to say great work! I am an admin on a Minecraft server, and we are building the whole of Equestria. These sorted screenshots of interiors and locations as well as the amazing Ponyville map help out a ton. Cant wait to see your s4 one. Anyways, thanks a lot for taking the time to make all these, they are a huge help. 
imascrabblefreak Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That map is extremely freaking amazing. In your estimintation, do you think the show creatures actually have Ponyville and to a lesser extent Equestria mapped out, or is it just dumb luck that things fit together the way they do?
Aurek-Skyclimber Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Mostly dumb luck and some careful cramming of buildings into small spaces.  The main reason why there's continuity? They keep reusing the same backdrops a healthy chunk of the time.  If I had a dollar for every time I saw the same four buildings on the northwest corner of Sugarcube Plaza, I could probably buy all the dvd episode collections...  However, I must give the animators props for keeping track of continuity in several cases where they didn't need to (correct building outside is visible through a window inside).  At least some of them are keeping track of unique buildings.
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