im going to start doing oto commissions

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Yep. You ever want me to OTO your UTAU? Here's your chance.

:bulletpurple: Japanese CV:
:bulletpurple: Japanese CVVC:
:bulletpurple: Japanese VCV:
:bulletpurple: Full English:
I don't really have references for KR/CH/SP banks, but I can do them. I can also do other languages, since it's the same concept.

:bulletblue: Basic Japanese, little or no extra samples: 40 points or $0.50
:bulletblue: Extra pitches: Base prices + 20 points or $0.25 per pitch.
:bulletblue: Many extra samples: Please discuss with me. In most cases, will be less than 20 points/$0.25

:bulletred: Japanese CVVC: 80 points or $1.00
:bulletred: Extra pitches for JP CVVC: 40 points or $0.50
:bulletred: Korean, Chinese, Spanish: 100 points or $1.25
:bulletred: Extra pitches for KR/CH/SP CVVC: 50 points or $0.75
:bulletred: Lite English, CZ-style configuration: 240 points or $3.00
:bulletred: Extra pitches for lite English, CZ-style: 120 points or $1.50
:bulletred: Lite English, custom style configuration: 320 points or $4.00
:bulletred: Extra pitches for lite English, custom style: 160 points or $2.00
:bulletred: Full English, CZ-style: 560 points or $7.00
:bulletred: Extra pitches for Full English, CZ-style: 280 points or $3.50
:bulletred: Full English, custom style: 800 points or $10.00
:bulletred: Extra pitches for full English, custom style: 400 points or $5.00

:bulletgreen: Basic Japanese: 240 points or $3.00
:bulletgreen: Extra pitches for basic Japanese: 120 points or $1.50
:bulletgreen: Extended language supports: 300 points or $3.75, though it varies because some people add only a few strings and others add a ridiculous amount.

If you do art or originals that I like, then you could get an OTO in exchange for that. 
If we're friends, prices may be lowered or waived depending on how close we are.
Please note that I am still in school, and I have ADHD so commissioning me for an OTO with a really short deadline is not advised.

Well that was an intense journal. I'm not used to being all serious LOL
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EspeonaSparkle's avatar
Would you oto my English CVVC Lite voicebank? :3
aureityGonoph's avatar
sorry this journal is almost 4 years old, i dont even do utau anymore lol
StarsNeverStop's avatar
are these still open?
aureityGonoph's avatar
yep! though i'll be pretty slow during this month, since my utau's anniversary is coming up and i have to finish her new voicebanks for it ;u; ;;
StarsNeverStop's avatar
alright i just wanted to make sure because i'm working on VCV voicebanks and i can't OTO them to save my life, when i finish them i'll note you/keep you in mind X3
Overlord-N's avatar
i'll take one for a japenese VCV oto one pitch is all~ Which do you perfer i pay points or paypal i have both ready to go~
aureityGonoph's avatar
points'll be easier since i forgot my paypal password LOL 
Overlord-N's avatar
ok~~~ I'll send the points right now~~
aureityGonoph's avatar
ok!! send me the vb whenever you're ready~
aureityGonoph's avatar
omg ur so nice aaaaaaah thank you for the premium ;u;/ ;;;;
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