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Edit: reminder that there's only 10 days left! i doubt anyone else is gonna enter but why not remind ppl </s>

Anta's 3rd birthday is coming up, so I'm gonna hold a design contest.
Basically you can enter a design for the following banks:

- Please don't stray too far from her color scheme-- and no green please.
- Anta only wears dresses/skirts, so no pants or shorts.
- Hair must be about the same length as it already is.
- Deadline is January 23rd for now, one month after Anta's anniversary.

- A lipsync model of your UTAU OR
- I will fully oto ANY bank of yours.

The amount of winners depends on how many entries I get haha;;

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How many entries are we allowed to submit? (not that I have more than one idea or even any right now but it's still worth asking)
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hm.. it doesn't really matter to me how many designs you enter, but you can only win once.
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