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insincere studios.

you really ought to join! (; we're bringing it back to life again, and it's going to be brilliant!  duskbeguile was recently made into an admin, and i'm a head mod, so we're making some changes around there to help activity spike again.  hopefully you guys will come and check it out - we're always looking for new artists, and we're happy to take your requests for manipulations.  there's also an academy there to learn from our teachers, and artists can have their own personal request boards!

insincere studios - join today!

in other news

did anyone else feel that earthquake on sunday?  that was insane - i was down in the orange county area, and that's the strongest earthquake that i've ever felt.

also, i'm working on a new manip, and it should be good when i'm done! ;D hopefully i'll have it up in the next day or so, but it's taking me a little longer than normal


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Stellar, stellar features.
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I heard about the earthquake in the news, but didn't feel it myself since I'm all the across the country in Tennessee. I hope you're alright and everything...
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Haha yeah, I was just in LA, and it wasn't too strong there, but it was weird!
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I've never felt one, but it would probably shake me up...haha, no pun intended. :rofl:
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i love puns
when they're good
duskbeguile's avatar
That one was lame. :rofl:
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Awh, thanks for featuring me. :XD:
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we! Thank you soo much for the feature, it really means a lot. :heart: :heart: :heart:
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XD, you're very welcome! <3
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