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take this sinking boat

take this sinking boat and point it home, we’ve still got time
raise your hopeful voice you have a choice, you’ll make it now

falling slowly, eyes that know me
and i can’t go back
moods that take me and erase me and i’m painted black
you have suffered enough and warred with yourself
it’s time that you won

glen hansard (kris allen), falling slowly


comeback manip, yes? i think that i might still have it in me. this was an order for hp that i had an incredible amount of fun with, and details are following soon, because resizing it completely destroyed the mane and tail that i had going on there.

see details here.

horse: *Breathless-dk
background: ~najustock
rose petals: ~Halo-Junky
everything else by *auredd

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absolutly stunning! I just love your work :)
ridingxruffian's avatar just keep getting better and better.
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i'm hardly ever on here now to look at manipulations but this one is really so beautiful. super, super gorgeous.
rhinebeck's avatar
very very smexi, we miss you on insincere! hope you can come back soon
duskbeguile's avatar
Aurr! You've actually come back in a way! And this is absolutely gorgeous on all levels. :D

Missed you around the studio. :[
Mourgebeast's avatar
I love your style, Aurrediablo! <33
auredd's avatar
;D and i love mourge!
tysmommy's avatar
LOVE this. the flower petals look great too.
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as always my dear aurr, gorgeous :]
auredd's avatar
Magik3's avatar
AHAHAHAHAH! I knew these incredible songs would eventually reach everyone and inspire them as they do me > : D
Anyways, fantastic job--I adore the flower petals especially.
auredd's avatar
whooo i love this song with a passion! ;D
and thank you, i wasn't sure if i was going to keep them in or not, but i think i like it.
anyways i accidentally merged all of the layers so too late now!
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xD I hate it when that happens--although I hardly ever do it, being scrupulously careful in my saving xD
Icelandichorselover's avatar
Só amazing! Love it :love:
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auredd's avatar
thank youu <3
gwagirl1's avatar
beautiful work aur, as always. =]
auredd's avatar
thank you very much!
btw i love your avvv
cara-bailey-ilu's avatar
Stunning!! I've never seen anything so beautiful!
auredd's avatar
wow, thanks! <3
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