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it's a new dawn

birds flying high
you know how i feel
sun in the sky
you know how i feel
reeds driftin' on by
you know how i feel
it's a new dawn
it's a new day
it's a new life
for me
and i'm feeling good

michael buble, feeling good


i have to say, i really love the feel and... i don't really know, just the mood that this manipulation gives off, for me at least. it's nice and simple, but i think that anything more would be verging on the cluttered side. /: hopefully you guys like this as much as i do. <3

oh, and the fullsize is fairly large.

this was an enormous image. x.x
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horse: ~Colourize-Stock
background: *F3rd4
texture: =ArrsistableStock
everything else by ~auredd
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EquineReflection's avatar
So peaceful and tranquil. Love it!
Colourize-Stock's avatar
That's beautiful!:love: I think it looks very realistic, and you did a wonderful job with the blending. The different photos goes very well together, and the composition is very nice.
Well done!:heart:
auredd's avatar
thank you so much! :heart:
and for the amazing stock image, and the rest of your stock, since my manipulations would die without you.
lesliemarie-manips's avatar
i love it alot. the lighting on the horse is really amazing, and how you do your manes and tails. woww.
auredd's avatar
aww, thank you! :glomp:
i had a lot of fun with this.
lesliemarie-manips's avatar
what does your signature mean ? its confusing me. :P
auredd's avatar
it's just a song quote, XD.
from drops of jupiter by train.
lesliemarie-manips's avatar
hm. is it a good song ? lol, i like good songs with lyrics like that. as you can see in my signature. XD
auredd's avatar
haha, it's an amazing song, i can't believe that you haven't heard it before!
lesliemarie-manips's avatar
lol, i sware i haven't. i will search it on iTunes later.
auredd's avatar
D: i'm sure it'll sound familiar.
EternalDesteny's avatar
I love the peaceful lightning! It makes you feel warm and calme :heart:
auredd's avatar
haha, that's what it does to me as well!
i'm glad that you like it (:
LostEscape's avatar
this one is so beautifull! It's so light! Really amazing manip!
auredd's avatar
thank you so very much! :hug:
auredd's avatar
ridingxruffian's avatar
cantabile-reaper's avatar
Like an actual photo--for one of those motivational posters, you know? :heart: The lighting is what gets me feeling good and hopeful. :clap:
auredd's avatar
yes, haha!
and same here, i think that's what does it.
kind of like a new dawn, new hope.
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