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i took a walk around the world

2K Views ease my troubled mind.
i left my body lying somewhere
in the sands of time.

simple, but i had to play with the colors a lot to get them the way i wanted. i actually really like the simplicity of this - i had a version where i had text and other things added in, but frankly, they just cluttered up the image and made it seem too busy. with just the jaguar and the boat, the image has plenty of movement to me. this picture.. well, it has a lot of meanings for me. (:

jaguar: ~SalsolaStock
background: *ImaginaryRosse
lyrics: kryptonite by 3 doors down
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How to do reflections?
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I love how the colours came out, and Krypotnite is a great song. :meow:
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This absolutely gorgeous!
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i absolutely love this. it's goregous! the colors are AMAZING. i simply love it. prolly because it kind of reminds me of something vintage in a way, but that's gooodd(: because vintage effects are awesome! great job <33
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Very unique! I love it! :)
cantabile-reaper's avatar
You've been featured here! Thanks for being so amazingly inspiring! :heart:
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Beautifully expressive and sad atmosphere , this is a gorgeous work ! :clap:
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thank you so much, i'm glad that you like it!
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It's beautiful! <3
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this is just ..


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Stunning. One of my favorites <3
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thank you! ;D
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You're very welcome. I just love to stare...

Is there any way to make it a wallpaper? I would just about die, I think =)
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well, if you wanted to download it and see what you could do on your computer, i'm fine with that as long as it doesn't get reuploaded, but i think that this is the largest size that i have. let me check though.
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Wow that's gorgeous. The colors are so nicely done and pretty and the image just looks so real and professional. I love the leopard and the boat, so cool.
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amazing. Gorgeous colours and beautifully put together.
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Nala features this in her journal.
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:glomp: zhanks, nala!
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Methinks that you should create a tutorial =o
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¿qué qué?
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luff your siggie xD

uhmzz... no hablo espanol?
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