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i greet the dawn

time after time
i've been through this
you show me what it means to live
you give me hope when i was hopeless
as my days fade to night
i remember that state of mind
i'm soaring straight into your heart
and I'll fly high

saving abel, 18 days


ahhaha, this was so much fun to make! i honestly don't care that it's not my best, because i had a blast working on it. and i'm sorry for the huge file size, but i just didn't want to cut off that gorgeous sky, i feel that it adds so much to the image. but i originally wasn't going to submit this to dA, just keep it for hp, but i thought that it was pretty enough to make it into my gallery (: anyways, i hope that you guys like it ;D

horse: ~Colourize-Stock
background: ~AJK-Original-Stock
swans: ~AlzirrSwanheartStock
everything else by *auredd

(exclusive stock from colourize, no available thumb)
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© 2010 - 2021 auredd
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I love this! It's soo pretty! :heart:
ridingxruffian's avatar
Colourize-Stock's avatar
Oh, I just realized that I didn't tell you just how beautiful this piece is in the other comment!O_O Just have to write another one just to make sure that I let you know that!;)
This picture (just like most others you make) is absolutly stunning! It looks realistic in that almost surrealistic way. I am so glad that you use my photos to create things like this one!:heart:
GTNurse's avatar
auredd's avatar
thank you so much! ;D
GTNurse's avatar
Ahh, no problem :D
CarolineCherry's avatar
Nice colour scheme.
auredd's avatar
thanks very much!
it feels nice and spring-like, just right for this weather!
HorseRidingFreak's avatar
Drop dead gorgeous hair. :love: Overall, this is just beautiful!
auredd's avatar
thanks very much!
lesliemarie-manips's avatar
your tails make me jealous. x.x
auredd's avatar
aww, don't be, haha.
this one was actually really easy to do.
i smudged the base tail out following the lines of the original picture, and then painted over it with a bunch of different shades that i colorpicked from the original tail. ;D
lesliemarie-manips's avatar
well its GORGEOUS. ;D
auredd's avatar
thank you! ;D
Tronde's avatar
I love the eye!! It looks fierce!
auredd's avatar
the magic of a couple of highlights, XD
ElitexAlmond's avatar
ohh lovely! :love: you just almost exactly the same stock as I used for 'another angel' :XD:
auredd's avatar
aww, seriously? XD
sorry, i've never seen that piece before.
it's gorgeous though!
ElitexAlmond's avatar
haha yes, aww thank youu! I adore this so much to :la:
auredd's avatar
ahah thank you as well!
Magik3's avatar
Bahahahahahahaaha! Birdies are love. Total love. -pets piece- Great job!
auredd's avatar
i friggin love birds!
i just had the sideways bird at the beginning, on top of the rocks, but then i found the bird that was facing forwards and had to include that, since it mirrored the angle of the horse better. but thennn, i didn't want to waste the effort of cutting out the first swan, so i kept it in anyways @.@
Magik3's avatar
xD I like the balance of both.
auredd's avatar
haha good, so i didn't completely screw up!
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