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aur's mane painting tutorial

WARNING: this is a massive file!
it's quite long, XD.
anyways, this is my technique for painting manes, as shown on my manip "a song for the brokenhearted".
hopefully this will help you guys get the jist of what i do!


horse: ~Caserta-Stock
background: ~stockII
tutorial, manipulation: ~auredd

you may repost this tutorial at other places, as long as this original tutorial on deviantart is linked to and you properly credit me (auredd) as the creator of it.

thank you, and enjoy!
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DeMoN3mOWoLf666's avatar
Like your tutorial but i suffer ...... DD: i got a mouse xcc
ChinataX's avatar
And how to modify brushes on photoshop ?
ChinataX's avatar
And how to modify pendzel on photoshop?
xcyanide-skies's avatar
Now I have a tablet so crossing my fingers it works :3
Parallel-Skies's avatar
Are you using pse CS6?
luminaret's avatar
you make it look so easy!
Nicely-Dun's avatar
Luuuuff this tut. (:
xpaintedhooves's avatar
Thanks this really helped! They look so realistic...
BlondeBanana98's avatar
That's really cool! I use a laptop mouse so it'll be a bit harder for me though xD
duckmstr94's avatar
When I attempt this using my tablet, I don't get the option to have it fade out like you do. So my ends look extremely blunt, which makes the overall image look terrible. I tried to set the pen pressure the same way as you did, but I don't have the Other Dynamic option to use. What do I do?
dusstedd's avatar
I'm going to try using this today - Hopefully I am successful! thanks for a great tutorial :D
xcyanide-skies's avatar
OMG AWESOME TUT 8DDD I have GIMP but it worked just as well on there.Wish I had a tablet SOOO bad x.x
gurtagon's avatar
artistishere's avatar
I haven't got a tablet, but I have the option "Pen Pressure" is it normal?
gurtagon's avatar
No, if you don't have a tablet the pen pressure will not work ;) I've tried it with & without a tablet =P
artistishere's avatar
ok, I have pen pressure, so I had to coment
gurtagon's avatar
just-for-giggles's avatar
Love this tutorial. ^^
luminaret's avatar
awesome tut! wish i had a tablet...
ThisIsKrissii's avatar
Does gimp allow pen pressure? I'm sure someone's asked this already but I'm too lazy to look >.> lol. Anyhoo, absolutely love this tutorial regardless.
HorseBeatDesings's avatar
I don't think so , I searched on GIMP for this but I only find it on Photoshop.
ThisIsKrissii's avatar
Fail. Photoshop it is I guess. Does Photoshop Elements have it, do you know?
EarthlyHalo's avatar
This is so helpful, I actually saved it to my computer so I can do it with the tail also. Thanks for some awesome tutorials.
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