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all or nothing

with you i know that
i'm good for something
so lets go give it a try
we've got our backs against the ocean
it`s just us against the world
looking at all or nothing
babe it's you and i

ohhhmywow. i am in love with this piece. the horse is meant to be a pink cockatoo, otherwise known as a leadbeater's cockatoo. and i did get to include my sulphur cockatoo! except you have to look a bit closer in the background to see the white one with the yellow crest. the image that i based my pink cockatoo horse off of was this, and the sulphur cockatoo was based off of this. this is such a huge image, so be sure to check out the details: [link] . i had to size down the image a ton, so i am sorry that it still is big! i honestly reckon that technically, this is also my best.

this is definitely my favorite out of the bird pictures, as well as the most personal. in australia, my grandma lives in a small beach town, and the cockatoos are fond of harassing us in the morning and swooping over our heads. however, i have to say that i have never seen a leadbeater's one. as well as that, the song that inspired me was one of my favorites by theory of a deadman, all or nothing. and yesss, the pink one is crying. check the details, man!

and sorry for using that horse again, XD. yes, it is the exact same image that i used for my cardinal (and he names the sky his own), but i am planning on submitting this one, not that. ~Colourize-Stock, i cannot thank you enough, and i'm sorry for flooding your inbox! C:

okay, here's to all of you who are, or are even comtemplating being, image thieves. it's not worth it. the reason that i don't put watermarks or copyrights on my manipulations themselves is because i'd like to think that i can have some trust in the people of deviantart. and for the most part, everyone is brilliant. it's just the few that think it's permissible to take what someone else has created who ruin it. so think twice, and look, not touch.

edit: added shadow to the sulphur cockatoo horse.

pink cockatoo horse: ~Colourize-Stock
back wing: ~AlzirrSwanheartStock
front wing: hegarty_david @ - [link]
sulphur cockatoo horse: ~xrockinrobynstock
front wing: ~wolfwindstock
background: ~cyborgsuzystock
cockatoo: aviceda @ wikimedia commons - [link]
song: all or nothing by theory of a deadman
contest: hosted by *barracuda-78, news - [link]
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Hello! Your art as been featured here [link]
I hope you don't mind! Please let me know if there is a problem :]
xrockinrobynstock's avatar
This is such a great idea and looks fantastic. Thank you very much for using my stock :)
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no, thank you for the amazing photo! C:
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one word - hawt. :drool:
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two words - thank you! ;D
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wow, this is definitely my favourite from the entries i've seen so far. i love how you took it a step further with the mane, it's really wicked! good luck!
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eep, thank you! it's going to be such tough competition, but i'm happy now, at least, that i've done as well as i can. and you would not believe how much fun i had making that mane, XD. i'm quite crazy! thanks! :heart:
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