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a lesson in falling down

hey mister, it's nice to meet you.
some say this life is just a waste of time
unless you believe.
hey mister, lets ride to the edge this time.
right now, I need something more than falling down...

hey mister, it's nice to be here with you.
and my life is not a waste of time 'cos I believe.
hey mister, don't fall off the edge this time.
right now I need something more that falling down.

pop evil, hey mister


and i finally make another manip! ;D i'm getting my april one done early, hopefully there's more to come. anyways, i don't even know how i came up with this. originally, the horse was to be on a cliff, looking over an ocean scene, but then i found this stock image, and everything started coming together. i'm absolutely in love with this song at the moment, and it has played in my head the whole time that i was making this manip, and the manip is in part based off of it.

the mane and tail took a ridiculous amount of time, XD. probably about three hours total, maybe a bit more. everything else was relatively easy, but i may go back and do some more editing if i feel like it. this is over half of the original size, so i lost a lot of detail in the resizing. i'll include some details, because i don't want all of my work to be lost, lol.

see details here.

horse: *swillowness
background: ~FoxStox
everything else by *auredd

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Wow, what program are you doing?
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This is beautiful!
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WOW, this is just zo beautifull, just perfect.
I'm wondering if i can use this for a rpg site? I will credit you on the image AND with a link off the image.
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Thanks lovely :)
Role-playing? Not like a horse sim site? Message me.
bellequine's avatar
a-m-a-z-i-n-g! beautiful work!
licketylemon's avatar
So beautiful! I adore the lighting on the hair O.O
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Thank you! (:
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yeah, to amazed to to speak. lol it reminds me of the song Fearless by Falling Up
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Have you ever been across my account before? Perhaps filling an request in a studio?
So strange because I had a picture which looked much like yours. However yours was better done but it was with the same stock. Just a different cliff and ocean. Then I requested something close to this for a mare of mines. I deleted the picture a few days ago, because I re-did it for the character.

It does not matter to me, just curious.
I know the theme is common and the stock so pelase don't think I am accusing you of anything. xD

Side notw, its an wonderful peice.
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Haha never, I'm sorry! When was it done, and do you still have a copy? I'd love to see it. I haven't been in studios for ages, the last one that I did was Insincere Studios, and I never fill a huge amount of requests. But it is a common theme, and I adore Swillow's stock, so when I saw that horse, I had to find the perfect background to fit it, and this was it.
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Thank you! <3
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I featured you here: [link]

lovely work, by the way. :)
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Thank you so much, and sorry for the late reply aha!
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You're very welcome & no worries :)
Can you teach me how to cut like that?
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It's easy if you have the right tool! I use the pen tool, which is available in most versions of Photoshop except for elements, and then I believe that one of the lassos works just as well.
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Absoluetly love it! It's so amazing yet so simple!
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this piece was featured in my journal here [link] <33
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Best mane and tail I have ever seen
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It's amazing! So Stunning, looks like a photograph!
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Incredible! Did you use a tablet for that mane/tail by any chance?
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