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Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Feels like you're miles from here,
in other towns with lesser names.
Where the unholy ghost doesn't tell
Mary or William exactly what they want to hear.
You remember the house on Ridge Road
told you and the Devil to both just leave me alone.
If this is salvation, I can show you the trembling.
You'll just have to trust me. I'm scared.

I am the patron saint of lost causes.
Aren't we all to you just near lost causes?
Aren't we all to you just lost

Anberlin, (*Fin)


Grawrrr. I need some major mane and tail help! I'm messing around with my style, since I've been looking at a ton of manips with a smoother more highlighted style, and I'm not quite succeeding. Hopefully I'll get there eventually! But otherwise I like this, I did a decent job with the background, and I had fun mucking around with the colors a lot more than I normally do! The positioning is a bit eh, but I can deal with that.

Edit: Ugh, dA absolutely butchered the color ):
Oh maybe it's just my shitastic computer screen mucking it up. It looks different on my parent's - I have a macbook, they have a macbook pro.

horse: ~thatonekidstock
foreground: ~EquineStockImages
sky: ~SerephinexStock
everything else by *auredd

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Freaking Gorgeous!<3! This is amazing!!!! Do you make graphics for the public?:D
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Freaking gorgeous! :heart: I just discovered you on here and your art is mind blowing!!!!
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Hehe thank you lovely (:
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Just to let you know, you are actually my favourite horse manipulator.
I am so glad you're starting to make more art! :D
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This really means so much! Haha I probably won't have much time for anything this semester, but hopefully I'll be able to take it up a bit more afterwards!
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And thank you for the amazing stock!
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Ooh, very nice! I personally think your manes and tails are gorgeous, but if you want, I have a couple good tutorials saved in my favorites. Amazing manip, though :heart:
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Hehe yeh, I like mine, but seeing everybody else's work inspires me to try and do better! I'll be sure to check them out, thank you (:
HorsesofPoseidon's avatar
Yes, I love getting inspiration- and you're welcome!
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Thank you so much <3
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Girl watchoo talkin' about "major mane and tail help"? That's nonsense! I think the mane and tail look beautiful...and your colors... and I don't know how you do it, but there's always such a crispness to your pictures that I adore o3o And the composition is lovely, in my opinion!
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Pshh because this was a fail in the way of me working on a different style, and hair in motion definitely isn't my thing! Hehe thank you though (: I had a lot of fun playing with the background, I almost never do that!
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