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Demoted from Heaven

He said I gotta break free from this head of mine,
To where the stars and the road up ahead align,
Food's good, weather's fine, there's no time like the present right,
And despite the many times he tried to pay it the never mind,
He's wearing thin like the set of tyres under him,
Stop signs he pass shine bright like his petrol light,
Cartographers couldn't sketch the lines of the place he's going nah they could never find him,
Demoted from heaven promoted from hell,
For thought crime, doing his time all alone in a cell,
He sees it all from his windowsill, lights up with the devil, n blows smoke halo's with the L,
He needs a one way flight to bring him back to life,
A pad and pencil, gather essentials pack light,
The irony of pitch black skies on a Sunday,
I'ma get up outta here one day.

Spit Syndicate, Exile


go look at the details, please

this manip wasn't made for the song, it's just a song i love. i suppose it could be made a lot more visually interesting with wings, maybe ripped off somehow, but i just thought of that. maybe i'll add to it one day, but probably not.

horse: *Colourize-Stock
background: *Burtn
everything else by ~auredd

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Ohmygad!! LOVE IT!
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One word, and that is beautiful.