Hardcore Postmodernism
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Hey, everyone!

So, here's what I call my "Postmodern" collection. The featured authors may ask: "Why the hell I'm I included in there?" and I'll answer: "Good question, my friend!"... Haha! I'm just digressing, but seriously, here's the motivation:

    Many people has tried to define what posmodernism is. They have tried to characterized it by comparing it with modernism ,by linking it with society, politics, art (l'art pour l'art and stuff), economics or just culture in grosso modo.

    After reading lots of stuff about this subject from the perspective of philosophy, literature and aesthetics (Benjamin, Marcuse, Adorno & Horkheimer, Eco, Jauss, Huyssen and those guys) I've come to some sort of idea. Rather than try to explain it with words, I'll risk to establish my point by just showing my collection.

    You see, when I picked this particular images, I thought that they must reflect a contradictory series of emotions and knowledge, all linked by desperation, cinicism, the absurd and a teeny tiny drop of hope in foture: for example, the masks which most of people think are necessary to survive in society, the contemplation of pain in other people and the silence about it; the pleasure in cruelty combined with the sensitivity of the little details, the hi-tech and the crescent loneliness, the quationable role of humans in the ontologycal cathegory of existence... you know what I mean? All the things that surround us, the very world we live in and which we need ('cause it's a need, not just a wish) to express, to pervert, to twist, to reinvent my our own means.
     Anyway, I hope that this may mean anything to anyone (such a wish is so postmodern itself... gee...) and, of course, by doing this I also want to pay my respects and adnirations for all these authors.

Cheers and stay tune!
Futuristic City by JJasso Smoke Dance 2 by EvilxElf Athoras by Smattila Smoke Dance 2 by EvilxElf abomination by parckless Excarnate mask by MrSoles 029 by ATHE-NA Lost Civilization by denise-g :thumb179168996: . by claudiu-popescu :thumb179444367: science, or, amanda's collage by CraziCreek

Mature Content

tete a tete by charliedu4
Urban decay by FriendlyPiranha a by finksche never safe by weltengang City of Darkness by PixelObsession :thumb178425422: portrait of Worm by leb Creature Portrait IV by larkie portrait of sweeney by swampy :thumb14320117: :thumb74380242: Infinite Line by Eukendei sayeva by kubawojewoda L-space transition by Gundross joker by dhayman85 Freedom by play-my-game That Mask 2 by arhitecta The MASK by mok1 The bicyclist by Floriandra Broken wing by Floriandra ghost by PawelJG Degeneration by AMGram Payne by 4degrees War and Peace by jinzilla 86 by enzo-dino .Rebel Yell by misscarissarose Oh me... 2 by EvilynGuedes :thumb171731855: Surreal by Art2mys :thumb133693474: Flooded subway - Murder by etwoo fire man by definefear man in glass by rizn :thumb175380156: :thumb177761200: Pipes by kayaksailor Dark Pipes by wreck-photography android by amadeoarmandeo
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thank you very much and sorry for my late reply :iconravesplz:
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Christine-CharnockStudent Interface Designer
Thank you very much for featuring my work! :)
Lovely selection of work, and interesting reading too.
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thanks for including me to your interesting thoughts. (:
and what a great selection!
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What a great collection! I feel honored that my work is featured among those great pieces - thank you! :D
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AUREAWOLF666Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so glad that you liked it!:hug: I'm just grateful that all of you are so capable and fitable for illustrating this idea of mine:P

I think this collection says more than a thousand manifestos about postmodernism:dummy:

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definefearHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the feature! i feel honored to be amongst the authors featured.. nice collection! cheers! :)
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thank u. and nice thought;)
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ADOURHobbyist Photographer
thank you!
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Lord-KevinzHobbyist Photographer
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jinzillaProfessional Filmographer
thank you for featuring! :hug:
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Very interesting thoughts and a great collection to illustrate!! Thanks for including me :blowkiss: My observation on your collection - most are shades of gray and the colors are all very grungy...not too much "light and happiness" in post modern :giggle:
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EvilynGuedesProfessional Photographer
thanks for the feature
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Thanks for the feature :)
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Thanks for including my work. :-)
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CocooueStudent Photographer
Thanks for the feature :)
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Eukendei Photographer
Interresting line of thought, thanks for the inclusion of my image :-)
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