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You May Prove Useful

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HRGHH this is far from perfect, but it's been sitting untouched or partially-touched in PS for literally two weeks since I've simply not had time or motivation to get around to it. Boo, classes.

BUT I got sick of looking at it so I colored it up last night. There's more I could do with it buuut I think I'm done with it for the time being. Had to give up on a background altogether.

ANYWAY, my nagas Aolani (sand boa) and Kaphiri (spectacled cobra). This is a scene from their backstory, when Aolani was still young and corrupt and power-hungry. This is the first time he's introduced himself to Kaphiri, and since it's...well... Aolani, hitting on people is the equivalent of shaking hands.

And yeah there's waaay more to it but I'm not typing it all up here XD SOME DAY I will do something with the whole backstory. Some daaaay.
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great expressions and poses, designs cool of charcaters
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Hurrr this is cute. :] I love both of their expressions. Your soft coloring is excellent. :)
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KonnestraStudent Digital Artist
mm the anatomy is so great.. I like the smooth coloring and gosh they're both so hawt 8D
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you make me wanna draw my own Naga. you have infected me with Motivation Poison arnt ya?
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shadow-crowHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really lke both of their facial expressions.
Keep going!
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Late comment is late. D:
Forgive me!!!!!!

I will make is extra long and juicy.

I love this. :D I have major hots for Aolani and I still just crack up when I see his red nail polish! It really puts the icing on his character! (Nao I wish to lick it off)

I've always enjoyed Kaph :< He seems like someone I could be total fwiends with. . . and I almost feel sorry for him here cause he doesnt seem like he'd stick up to Aolani. . but then again what do I know - maybe he doesn't want to in this case 8D I wouldn't. Kaph's expression looks like its a mix of apprehension with curiosity which really works for the scene! XD I think Aolani can sense that too.

I love the colors and I love Aolani's eyes ;_; Sooo hypnotically blue. . . and all the gold on him really stands out. Its nice. I dont think you needed a background honestly. The book gets the point across and the main subject is what the characters are expressing between the two anyway. You could spend all that time on a BG and no one would really look at it. . . ALL EYES ARE ELSEWHERE 8D *stares at Aolani*

Kay Im done

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LindseyWagnerProfessional Digital Artist
i like the coloring on the hair.
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Beautiful detailing on the tattoos.
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O.o SEXY. That's all I can say! :D
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The facial expressions are great.

Kaphiri: ...has it occurred to you that I'm venomous and you're, well, not?


Yay back story!
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Wow, that one in the glasses is incredibly hot.
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Because of your arts, I am totally loving Nagas way too hard. sexy. :heart:
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indianabananaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aolani has always been my favorite. Now that I know he used to be a badboy, I think he's even better. D:
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aureathHobbyist Digital Artist
Hurrah, I'm glad! ^^ And yes he was... the definition of bad boy, ran a whole underground crime ring in a city in the desert a few years back, until things all went to shit and he got mindwiped.

SO NOW he's just a flamboyant shopkeep XD
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Jathis Writer
Bite him, Kaphiri!
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both very handsome and very interested in the story behind them
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:O oe there both hot :love:
I like it.
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