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Theon Revamp

Ta-dah! One of the personal little pieces I've been meaning to do for a while. I did this sketch, like, forever ago. Last year sometime? Anyway I recently pulled it out and dusted it off a little, and gave it a fresh coat of paint.

This is a slight redesign of one of my centaur characters, Theon. I didn't add too much save for his stockings, heterochromia, and rearranged the scars a bit. For the sake of lulz, here is the old one, from two years ago: [link]

Improvement get! Some of the anatomy is still a little stupid, but it was fun nevertheless. I didn't use OpenCanvas at all for this one as I have been for most of my recent art, I decided to see if I could still color things decent in Photoshop. I guess it turned out alright. I like the sort of roughness to it.

To give a little backstory, he's a blacksmith in some modest little medieval town of some sort, I'm not too sure. His shop is set apart on the fringes of the village, as he doesn't much care for people in general. In fact, he's really kind of a grouch, if you couldn't guess by his expression. Mean, cantankerous, stubborn, and prone to loving the bottle a little too much. However, he is damned good at what he does, so the locals put up with his somewhat unpleasant temper and he puts up with their existence in exchange for money.

Yeah, shhh, it's a beauuutiful symbiosis :D He's not especially fond of humans, but he doesn't hate them either, and occasionally takes young local boys in as apprentices. Who are good mostly for kicking around and shoeing his hooves (as adept as he is and shoeing regular horses, it frustrates him to no end that he can't quite do his own). He didn't used to tolerate them, but he used to favor his left arm, until a particularly nasty wound did some nerve damage in that arm. It's still usable, but not so great for smithing, so he's had to get used to the other hand. He's still very talented, but not as quick or efficient as he used to be, so his apprentices help him a bit with some of the easier orders.

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This. Is. So.... EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
andrea-koupal's avatar
"Mean, cantankerous, stubborn, and prone to loving the bottle a little too much." He sounds adorable.
Chiron1's avatar
I very much like him.

I especially like the pinto-style colorations.
Gottfrid's avatar
hes a appaloosa :D
whisperpntr's avatar
I'm so going to be tarred and feathered by the centaur fans but this is one of the only centaurs i've found attractive
Peluchin's avatar
Wow he looks great
rebelwolfchris's avatar
What a handsome fellow! Love the odd eyes. Your anatomy is really excellent, too.
centaurfreak's avatar
he looks better, older. very nice job, and well worth a thousand :+fav:s
renataisacrazychick's avatar
OMG i remember him he looks so good :XD:
BobTodd's avatar
I love the idea of a blacksmith who wears horseshoes himself. :)
MedevalMaiden's avatar
Wagh I lurve centaurs! Cool piece. Nice backstory too, I really like it when people add backstory to characters posted up like this. I'm a photoshop painter but I'm sorely tempted to get Open Canvas.
HobbsEnd's avatar
Intresting design, I love the painted horse back half, it seems fitting for the human top! Well done!
kimerai's avatar
jejeje nice centaur
blacklightfish's avatar
I'll never NOT be fond of your backstories! I'm really digging how he turned out! Love the little details that complete (i.e. bracelets, scars and pattern of his coat). But not like I looooves yew. :heart:
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MadMouseMedia's avatar
Horsey man woo. He's got some nice skin textures going on on him. Well done
aureath's avatar
P.S. Your icon = :heart:
aureath's avatar
Why thank you! I'm kind of experimenting with using Photoshop in a more painterly aspect. I'm still pretty bad at it, but I think I'm getting the hang of it, and it does make some nice textures.
MadMouseMedia's avatar
I've been that to be sure. I just found out some new tools that photoshop can do and I'm like...the world just opened up to me but damn i'm bad at it. hahaha. I'll keep an eye on yah cause so far what I see in your gallary is sweet! ^_^ I'll be back muahahahahah
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