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OMFG Sheep

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Continuing my apparent trend of Pern-art-with-no-backgrounds! Companion of sorts to my previous submission. This is Aislinn's blue dragon at Harper's Tale, High Reaches Weyr. His name is Esryth, and he's part Lord Byron, part border collie, all madness.

Don't worry, he's not going to eat the woolie :> He just likes chasing them about.

Download for full-view :E

Dragonriders of Pern (c) Anne McCaffrey
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10animallover10Hobbyist Writer
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dracoequineStudent Interface Designer
I think the woolie might keel over due to fright as he's chased about
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BlazetheFurdragonHobbyist Artist
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AnahiraHobbyist General Artist
That is just... Too cute. Also, amazing job on the anatomy. So jealous x)
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JadeRavenwingStudent Digital Artist
How much would you charge for an image like this?
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aureathHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't do commissions, sorry!
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JadeRavenwingStudent Digital Artist
Oh you don't? Boo. XD It's such a lovely dragon, and I love your depiction of Pern Dragons. Added you to my watch at least. <3
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coool! mean concept :)
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This is full of so much win. I love the hearts.
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I love that expression. It's a fantastic image.
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ZulZaejuJinHobbyist General Artist
LAWL! That's got Draco written all over it!
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YuutseiHobbyist General Artist
BAW dragon! :heart:
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is it measured in the meters or feet scale. I don't really care just askin, it looks awsome
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I'm not even into Pern anymore and I like this. :)
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Epicly lovely!
*has an obsession with Pernese blues*
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I would fall in love with you, if you did a version of this image, with a Bronze.

I saw this picture and I saw my Dragon immediately. This is exactly something he'd be caught in.

But he's Bronze.. Hehehe
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aureathHobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, well, he's intended to be MY dragon :) I may be opening commissions soon if you're interested in one of your own.
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Omgg, keep me updated. He's just so cute, =>
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artalisHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ehhh, how cute. :aww:

Nothing wrong with no background when you have such a nice idea and do the coloring and shading so well.
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lol awww

I love the sheep too. He's cute in a nommable way. ^^
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bronze-dragonrider General Artist
AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE the expressions on both of them. Priceless! :heart:
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x3 this made me giggle. it's very lovable.
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Awwr, that sheep is adorable~

XD And I like the dragon too.
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