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Anatomy of a Greyhound

By aureath
I know because of my learnings.

Actually I just work at a greyhound rescue but WHATEVER :D I'll kick this back to scraps in a couple of days. It's obviously just a pretty quick thing I doodled up tonight after my shift.

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Neosilverpaws's avatar
Oh wow I love this
Deli-Sammich's avatar
As a former owner of TWO greyhounds, I can say that this is highly accurate, great job!
VarDagi's avatar
mm so accurate XD i love it!
Severus-Snape70's avatar
I adopted my grey in 2008. Now she is 12 years old. I love her so much and love your drawing too! It's so true^^
XcelticheartX's avatar
this  is so true :D permanent woe-face, yep that's what my Grey looks like :)
Velvettia's avatar
Awesome! :3 And sooo true ^^
MariadelmART's avatar
Awesome, I love greyhounds!
Phantom--J's avatar
I wish I could favorite this. :heart:

mousielove's avatar
this is wonderful and so so so truthful 
RailroadBrony's avatar
In my house, "half mast" is known as "Bat ears" since they looks like bat wings.
peacecorpspony's avatar
I had a greyhound mix, everything here is so true.
warriorcatshe's avatar
I have a greyhound, this is all so true xD
saunterloft's avatar
"zero to batshit in approx. 3 seconds" haha well done my friend, this is hilarious. 
Mor-Rioghan's avatar
Gorgeous and totally true!
Incyray's avatar
i love it
Crimson-Wolf2323's avatar
love the little doodle of the gray hound at the bottom 
LittleRamRamKitten's avatar
Omg XD i just enjoyed the comments on it XD I want a greyhound now lol
Lukia26's avatar
So accurate X'D
xXSlenderKittyKatXx's avatar
I have three greyhounds and this is so acurate
PsixiTheRaven's avatar
Awesome. XD 'zero to batshit'
warriorcatshe's avatar
SnowyBlack's avatar
this is hilarious!
Electric-blue7's avatar
HawkfrostScourgeLuva's avatar
I love how you said:

"Due to their large hearts, flexible spine, high percentage of fast-twitch musckle, and use of double-suspension gallop, Greyhounds can go from zero to batshit in approximately 3 seconds."
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