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Gift to Cyan



This was... something. I faced various problems in the creation of the gift, originally my plan was to do a new drawing, but due problems that I still couldn't solve of the drivers of my Wacom, I decided to at least took a sketch that I did a few days ago.

Happy (late) birthday Cyan! I hope you like this.

Cyan Lightning OC is property of :iconcyanlightning:


Update: as you might have seen, two drawings of mine that includes Aureai and Cyan Lightning has been modified in order to update it with the new color scheme of Aureai. Why I did this? Well, these pictures were gifts for my best friend, and I thought it'd be fair to change it with his favourite design. Hope you all understand!

Some other udpates includes improvement  hair, and as well some recalibration of Cyan's color scheme :)
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