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Don't dare to touch it


And this is a new OC called Valkiria, or for the friends, just "Valkie". I unintentionally made her color scheme look like Fluttershy in this picture, probably because all of the reddish shadows ended giving that impression.

I guess this is one of those few pictures that I kind of like how it ended looking like that is not even just the bust.


Little this pony knew that, the more angry she gets, the fluffier she’d be...

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no touching le floof

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im sad...

want some manggo owo?

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Yeah, then you can touch le floof

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me recuerda a uno q he visto en ych. 
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*boops her snoot*
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I approve highly of this.
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Bat Pony!! <3 <3

I got a Bat Pony OC myself! Wanna see her? =3
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Alrighty, here she is:

My Female Bat Pony Self's New Ears. Front View by jimmyhook19202122

What do you think? :3
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Well... It looks certainly interesting ^^;
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Heh. Here's the interesting part though: That's me as a Female Bat Pony <3
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I touch the floof!
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Well, what a beauty, you have succeeded.
These colors, this contrast, is something beautiful.
I saw your works and they're great.
I am waiting for more.
You better not let me down.
Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Wow, thank you! I actually feel kind of proud with this drawing despite of its silly nature; for some reason I tend to work better when I'm making something in which I'm not demanding myself so much. I hope I can release more things soon, but if you want to see exclusive drawings that I don't share on DeviantArt, such as sketches or simpler paintings, you can visit my Tumblr or my profile on Derpibooru :aww:
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I will visit your profiles Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Guess it's time for you to use some clothes or something :P
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Sorry, but that's gonna be impossible :P
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