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Around the World

By AuraUnity
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In this painting I put together a variety of places I want to visit. I believe that artists should at least visit some of these sites to expand their view of the world. There where a lot o places and monuments I wanted to include; however, I decided to include only my top priorities. (Stonehenge, Great Wall of China, Temples of Chichen itza, Coliseum, Bran Castle, etc.) Moreover, the admiration and respect I have for the wildlife on this planet inspired me to paint a few of the animals that I would like to see in person. I had fun remembering and wondering about my future journey. Thank You!

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Love it!!!! seriously I love everything about it. It makes me feel like I can travel that road and encounter each animal and place depicted, but in a very jolly/cartoonish way. It just makes me feel so happy for some reason :)
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This one looks awesome! I hope you win! :D
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Thanks, I enjoyed making this illustration =).  
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Stunning Job I voted for you XD
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Is the evaluation using a voting system? So how can I do the vote? I want to vote for this entry. It's really a journey throughout the world...
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I don't think you can vote
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Congratulations on being a semifinalist!
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really good work.. i have also same idea approximately.. but you have done very nice.. a very popular song in our country, "around the world in eight dollars.."
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Nice way of integrating the road 
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good work brother
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nice wolf. I like the composition. 
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Love the clouds! hahaha, love you work.
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This is a great picture for the contest. Stunning Good Luck!
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Wow, that looks amazing! :D (Big Grin)
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Great perspective!!!
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 Outstanding work!!
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I really like this entry. Well done!
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So, the 3% represents how far are you in you plans to visit all of these places? 
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I am enjoying the composition, everything looks in place 
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