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NAMESAKE: Robot Rock, by Daft Punk (2005)
STAND USER: Mark Harisson
STAND APPEARANCE: Robo-Rock is merely a pair of silver, robotic gauntlets that materialize on the user's hands and legs. On the knuckles and soles of the boots are small defibrillators that can also behave as magnets.
Power: C 
Speed: C
Range: E
Durability: B
Precision: C
Potential: D 
POWERS: Robo-Rock does not provide any speed or power boost to the user outside of their steel-hard durability; they are merely gauntlets that allow the user to physically interact with otherwise intangible Stands. Robo-Rock can be utilized at its maximum potential when the user is physically fit, and can therefore punch the shit out of Stands using simple hand-to-hand combat. Its user, Mark, has already been genetically modified to tolerate and store amounts of electricity that would otherwise be lethal to humans, so the user can channel this electricity into the defibrillators on its knuckles and soles for electrified punches and kicks. The defibrillators are also magnetic, allowing the user to draw in metallic items at will, or even walk up walls.
WEAKNESSES: Since Robo-Rock is a Stand that needs to be worn, that means the user needs to fight up-close at all times; however, the Stand does not protect the user's entire body like Ghiaccio's White Album, so the user is left very vulnerable to an enemy Stand attack. Not to mention, Robo-Rock only covers the user's hands, forearms, feet, and shins, so hand-to-hand combat with an enemy Stand can sometimes be limited.


STAND APPEARANCE: In addition to the gauntlets and boots from ACT1, ACT2 introduces a silver helmet that covers the entire head. The helmet sports a blue visor shaped almost like a “V” and a dome-shaped dial on each side of the helmet located at ear's height.
Power: C
Speed: C
Range: E
Durability: B
Precision: B
Potential: B
POWERS: The additional helmet now protects the user from blows to the head. It can also filter out toxic gasses, allowing the user to survive in hazardous atmospheres, and even breathe in space. The visor allows the user to see in different visions, including heat, infrared, echolocation, and even life force. Since Stands are invisible to the three former visions, the final latter is good for locating Stands, since they still have a life force that acts as an extension to the user's. With life force vision, the user can also locate said Stand's user by following the spiritual “chain” that connects the two.
WEAKNESS: While Robo-Rock ACT2 now also protects the user's head, it's not much of an improvement, as much of the user's body is still left vulnerable when he/she needs to fight up-close. Also, while Robo-Rock ACT2 allows the user to breathe in space, it doesn't protect him/her from from the vacuum of space, or the freezing temperatures.


APPEARANCE: The Stand is now a full-body, chrome-colored suit of armor that looks like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie. Whatever isn't clad in shiny metal is a sleek, black color, and there are dark lines on its body almost like veins. When “charged,” these veins light up a neon blue along with the visor.
Power: B (default), A (charged)
Speed: E (default), A (charged)
Range: E
Durability: A
Precision: C (default), A (charged)
Potential: C
POWERS: Robo-Rock ACT3, in addition to the abilities provided from ACTs 1 and 2, now provides maximum protection for the user's entire body -- be it from firearms, hazardous environments and temperatures, water pressure, the vacuum of space, or even other Stands. The suit is very heavy due to its powerful armor, so Mark must tap into his own electrical reservoir to use the Stand at its fullest potential. During this “charged” state, Robo-Rock ACT3 enhances the user's strength and speed -- just like a mech suit. The Stand can even enter an “overdrive” state, allowing it to envelop its body in high voltage, create electrical forcefields, and shower the battlefield with thunderbolts.
WEAKNESSES: While Robo-Rock ACT3 provides a considerable amount of protection, Close-Range Stands can still penetrate its defenses with relatively little effort thanks to their high Power rank. The Stand also relies on lots of electricity to run at its absolute best potential, or else it's just a slow tank. Not to mention, Mark's stored bodily electricity also acts as an extension of his stamina, so he'll become exhausted if he uses it all up to keep Robo-Rock ACT3 charged. This becomes a challenge to micromanage oneself during the heat of battle. “When should I reserve my energy and fight defensively, and when should I put my chips in, and make an all-out assault?” 
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was made by, and belongs to, Hirohiko Araki. Copyright 1987-2018
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