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Pokemon Refurbished: Ultra Necrozma

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When I first saw the teaser poster for this godsend of a Pokémon, I felt chills all over me. The lack of a real shape outside of its now golden crystalline parts really gave me the feeling of a big mystery...

When I finally did spoil myself in seeing Ultra Necrozma, I was only disappointed in two things. A) it doesn't look vibrant enough, and B) the 3DS's hardware limitations definitely doesn't do this guy any justice.
I decided I just had it when its official artwork finally came. It looked like a dull bronze as opposed to the sparkling gold we saw when it was first teased! So yeah, this is basically my teaser-accurate version.

Oh, and I added an aura to this guy. The USUM site says that Ultra Necrozma's body temperature is 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so he's gotta look like he's heating the air surrounding him.

Original artwork made by Ken Sugimori. Necrozma and Pokémon both belong to GAME FREAK and Nintendo.
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the main bad guy was him.
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It's highly arguable if Necrozma even had evil intentions. Necrozma used to be a mighty entity that gave life with its very presence, only to be crippled by the very ancients that worshipped it. In its black, crippled state, Necrozma must constantly eat light not only so it can function, but also just so it won't have to feel constant pain. USUM's Pokédex tells us that if it doesn't constantly eat light, "impurities build up in it and on it, and Necrozma darkens and stops moving."

When you think about it, there are no real villains in USUM's main story; it's all just about a couple of people trying to reverse the mistakes made by the ancestors wanting to harness their god's energy.
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I'm not sure where that was said in the game.
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it was a very long detail so I though cause it was highly vicious and steals alolas light i thought it was evil.
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Think about it this way; if you got constant migraines, muscle arthritis, and God knows whatever, wouldn't you steal as much light as possible just so you can relieve yourself of constant pain?
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