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Pokemon Refurbished: Palkia

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Pearl > Diamond
I men hey, at least Palkia can open the door for his own damn self!

This makes me wanna walk down Route 212 like I used to every morning.
Imagine in your head: you're walking past that rich guy's mansion and his prized garden. It's early morning, so it's cool out, and there's still dew on the grass being nipped up by Cleffas. You walk past that one honey tree in the corner of the route, so you also pick up a sweet smell in addition to the smell of dew and fresh vegetation...

Anyway, enough nostalgia tripping. I wanted Palkia to look more like he did originally in the DS games, so I had to strike a very careful balance not to make him too pink nor too purple. I also had to make sure the majority of his body stood out from his head, digits, and gray features, without also giving it too much color. In the end, I still don't feel like I've got this thing right -- not even the reddish-orange pearl on his shoulder looks exactly like it did on the DS.

Version without comparison:

Original artwork made by Ken Sugimori. Palkia and Pokémon are both property of GAME FREAK and Nintendo 2006-2018 1996-2018
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