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Pokemon Refurbished: Dialga

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Arceus Is amazed PIANO INTENSIFIESArceus Is amazed 

Oooooh wee! It's February! That's both my birth month and the month I first got into Pokémon! Everyone in my school that played
Pokémon was a Diamond player, so my friend gave me Pearl, so I was the only Pearl player, so I was jealous that everyone had a cool navy blue dragon with their spankin' new Action Replays, while I was stuck with the pink fish with heels and a penis neck. WELL NOW I GOT AN R4i, WHICH BOTH HAS CHEATS AND EMULATES DS GAMES ON MY DS, SO WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, HUH?! ALSO, PEARL IS BETTER THAN DIAMOND, SO SCREW YOU JACOB!!

.......I have a lot of pent-up resentment against Diamond players.

Anyway, the only two major changes I could make for Dialga was making his metal features colorless, and giving the streaks on his body a faint glow. You'll notice on something like
Pokédex 3D Pro that Dialga's streaks have a very faint glow to them that's like him breathing.
Yes, I still have
Pokédex 3D Pro downloaded. It's a good app.

Version without comparison:

Original artwork made by Ken Sugimori. Dialga and Pokémon are both property of GAME FREAK and Nintendo 2006-2018 1996-2018
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