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Majin Xaexa

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I had the idea to create this fella after being inspired by :iconfootlover29:footlover29's two new Majin OCs. I only ever share my interest in Dragonball through the TFS Abridged parody, and it is my main source in information about the science, plot, and lore of the franchise; so pardon me if Majins aren't actually multicolored. :P

Name: Xaexa

Race: Supreme Majin (a type of Majin I call those like Buu)

Gender: Unknown (prefers to take the form of a female)

Height: 4'02 ft.

Weight: 117.4 lbs.

Powers: flight, teleportation, Ki manipulation, regenerative abilities make her virtually invincible, complete control over her own molecular structure, telepathy, mind reading, night vision, can generate multiple appendages, can detect a target's weakness

Personality Traits: Overall docile, easily distracted and manipulated, thinks she's a Succubus, leading her to have a friendly-flirtatious side, clumsy, has selective memory

Majin Xaexa's origin story is a complete mystery, but it appears she has no destructive reputation like the other galaxy-busting Majins that exist in the universe. Her small attention span, combined with her ignorance and curiosity, lead her to be a more childish explorer, wandering around in awe of the beautiful wonders of the universe. When met with other Majins, she actually becomes confused by their evil actions as if she never knew that was the norm. She's even once encountered the uncontrollable Kid Buu, but seeing she's just as durable as he, she eventually tired him out simply by doing nothing! Some argue her regenerative and Ki abilities even surpass Buu's! Her natural ability to pick up weak points on enemies could potentially make her stronger than Buu, and the only thing stopping her is her own docile nature and inability to anger.
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Inspiration from me hmm?.....Iiii didn't realize I'd be that kind of a fella to do such a thing
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Hey, your gals look real pretty to me. ;)