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Midnight Stroll

By Aurarrius
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I drew Luna again because she's so awesome. I also wanted to practice making backgrounds so this turned out. Click or download for full.

MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
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The shading, soft edges and colours and Luna's hair make this piece truly amazing! Well done!
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Poison jokes. Beware of them Luna. Or get you body all black. Jk. +fav 
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YES! That's the real reason Luna became Nightmare Moon!
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Lol that was unexpected xD
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i painted this image on a real canvas. It doesnt look as good as the original, but it was my first painting and it was fun. 
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I'm impressed Luna will be happy to hear that she is on devinartClapping Pony Icon - Princess Cadence Luna: DID SOMEPONY SAY MY NAME?!!!
Me:i did    Luna:WHAT ARE YOU DOING CADENCE?!   Me:i'm trying to draw this pic of you from devinart....    Luna: :D I LOVE THE PICTURE I'M IMPRESSED Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna
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Okay this is actually pretty well done but i have one little complaient.The muzzle and face reminds a bit of a stallion.I;m not being mean but it does to me for some reason.Othe than that it is amazing!
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Wow I like :D Is muy beautiful Princess Luna :D Truly I like :D
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She certainly looks like she could be Goddess of the moon here. I really like how her mane glows. You can certainly tell that the moon is shining down upon her. That background is gorgeous too. It makes me nostalgic! Awesome job with this! :)
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OMG!OMG!OMG! It's wonderful work!
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Wow!!!!!! your draw is fantastic!
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Incredible! I love it!
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This is beyond beautiful... :love: So awe-inspiring. Great work. :heart:
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I don't know why, but this just reminds me of being home. I love it.
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i still love this.
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I love how u made this nice work
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You did an amazing job on the background. I always like drawings of Luna, perhaps it's her hair? c:
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