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:bulletpurple:Current Season:bulletpurple:

Season: Winter
Breeding?: OPEN
Current Festival: n/a
Year: 8

:new:Current Events and Contests:new:
Monthly ChallengesMonthly Challenges are prompts that change every moth. They are optional, so that means you do not have to do them, but they do offer some pretty nice rewards if completed! 
Monthly Challenge Rules:
- Monthly Challenges can only be completed once by each user each month
- they can only depict up to 4 Aurals! 
- Rewards can only be earned ONCE, no matter how many aurals you depict. The reward is for completing the challenge.
- Bonus's (like the clan area bonus) can be tacked on to monthly challenges. 
- Monthly Challenges have a bonus +3 SP 
This Months Prompt:
Current Month: August
End Date: 8/31/18
The Prompt: Sunset
Draw or write about you interpret the prompt as. 
Monthly Challenge Requirements:

- Art must be colored and have a small semi-detailed background at least
- no sloppy sketches! 
- All Aural's must be 50% visible
- Writing must be more than 800 words

This Months Rewards:

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--> Group Rules
--> Species Information
--> The Land of Najwa
--> Dieties
--> The Energy
--> Extended History
--> Seasons and Aging
--> Clans and Making your Own
--> Experience Points [EP]
--> Stats and Stat Points
--> Ranking
--> Health and Healing
--> Tracker Journals and Log System
--> Blessings
--> Bonus List
--> Companions
-------> Companion Directory

--> Eliora's Den
--> Sol's Creation Den
--> Breeding Starters
--> Custom

--> Design Approval and Templates
--> The Design Guide

--> Path of the Ancients [PotA]
--> Journey to the Gods
--> Energy Mastering
--> Apprenticeship

--> Breeding FAQ
--> Path of Fertility
--> Breeding Log
--> The Genetics Guide

--> Hunting
--> Gathering
--> Digging
--> Rank Activities
--> The Coliseum
--> Questing
--> Crafting
--> Enchanting

:bulletyellow:GROUP RESOURCES:bulletyellow:
--> The Shop
--> The Stash
--> Trading Stands
--> Suggestions and Questions

:bulletgreen:The Team:bulletgreen:
*wheels up in 30*
:iconhellusination: - Item/Import Design
:icontalonv: - Import Design

Group Info

An ARPG group that centers around the Aural species. Join a clan, rank up your Aural, breed, and participate in all kinds of activities. Come and interact with this great group community and create your Aurals story!
Founded 3 Years ago
Mar 2, 2015


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The premise of this event is simple, draw or write about your Aural(s) searching for or finding lost Aural pups! However, you may follow the prompts for each biome and earn bonus AP and increase your chances in having a lost pup follow your Aural home! 

Part of this event is to draw in new members, so anyone who is new or doesn't own an Aural can use any of the starters! 

Event End Date: August 31st, 2018

How it works:

:bulletgreen: You can draw or you can write, it doesn't matter, just make sure your piece meets these requirements:
- Art must be larger than 300 x 300 pixels.
- Art must be colored, neat, and have a BG 
(does not have to be full BG, can have cut outs and odd edges)
- Art must depict one adult Aural with at least 75% of it's body showing
- Writing must be more than 800 words
- You can depict as many Aurals in your piece as you want, BUT only three will be able to get the rolls.
- You can draw/write about your Aural searching - meaning no pups are depicted - or you can draw/write about them seeing and/or finding pups. 

:bulletgreen: Each entry will give a chance at picking up items, AT, or stat points! Not every entry will give you a pup, but each entry will give you something besides the EP. Each adult Aural depicted (up to three) will get a roll for it.
:bulletgreen: You DO NOT have to follow the prompts, you can do your own thing as long as it meets the above requirements
:bulletgreen: And if the prompt doesn't specify a season, you can make it any season you want

:bulletgreen: Please have this information in the art/writing's description:

Prompt: (if completing a prompt, please state which one it is)
Link to import sheet: (only for the Aurals you want the activity rolls for, so up to three)
Link to tracker journal: (links to trackers of the Aurals you want the rolls for)

:bulletorange: What if I want to participate, but I don't want any pups following my Aural home?
Just state so in your entries description that you don't want pups.

The Prompts:

:bulletgreen: If you choose to follow prompts, your art/writing must clearly depict them!
:bulletgreen: Completing prompts gives your art/writing +5 EP and a 10% increase in a lost cub following your Aural home
:bulletgreen: And remember, drawing your Aural in it's 'clan area' the biome it lives in, will give you +1 EP
:bulletgreen: Prompts can be completed mutiple times with the same Aurals. There is no order to them and you can pick and choose which ones you want to do.
:bulletgreen: You can depict your Aural at any part of the prompt as well, as some prompts can be stretched into several pieces.

Arctic Pompts:

Mistaken Identity: Your Aural(s) mistake an arctic fox for a pup. They chase after it and pounce, giving the fox a surprise of a lifetime. They also decide not to eat the fox, as it was an honest mistake.

Deep Freeze: While exploring the arctic a blizzard rolls in, creating white out conditions and making it severly difficult to see anything. 

Spirit Bands: Night has rolled in, aurora borealis drift across the night sky. It's freezing cold, silent, and deadly, but the sky is pretty at least. 

Glacier Climb: Your Aural(s) has spotted a pup out on a glacier floating in the sea. It braves the icy waters to rescue the poor starved and frozen ball of fur. 

Tundra Prompts:

Caribou Run Down:
 It's a nice day, but something has spooked a herd of caribou. Your Aural was busy searching and amongst the herd it spots a pup trying to hide. It dives in and manages to snag the poor thing.

Amongst the Lichen: Your Aural is searching through open tundra, it's summer, the weather is nice but the bugs are awful. 

The Grizz: Your Aural has accidentally ventured into the wrong territory. It disturbs a grizzly bear. Depending on your Aurals temperament, it may choose to run or it may choose to fight. 

Swim!: Your Aural has found a pup, but it's on the other side of a vast, fast moving river. The pup happens to be on an island in the center of the river. Your Aural manages to make it across, but will it make it back?

Mountain Prompts:

Crag Cat Catastrophe: Has your Aural ever met up with one of these bone faced felines? No matter if it's the first time or the fifth time, these cats can make anyone's day bad. 

Cave Crawler: Your Aural thinks it hears something in a nearby cave. It ventures in to have a look around. 

Slippery Slope: With pups in tow, your Aural has to scale back down the steepest part of the mountain. It'd been easier to climb than to go down. 

Mountain Regular: Your Aural lives in the mountains on a regular basis, so it's having no problem scaling cliffs and exploring caves. It's enjoying it's time there and easily finds some pups. 

Pine Forest Prompts:

Mysterious Cry: It's a foggy and eerie morning in the pine forest and a wail echoes through the silence. Your Aural begrudgingly (or curiously depending on their temperament) goes off to search for the source of the cry, it may be a pup. 

Dark of the Night: The Pine forest is hard to navigate, as it looks generally the same. Your Aural has managed to get itself lost and night has set in. It stops a moment to look up at the stars peeking through the trees. 

Slippery Shadow: Your Aural is enjoying it's time in the pine forest, if it doesn't already live their, it's contemplating a change in where it lives. It's slipping through the trees with ease and has even found some pups. 

Intruder: Your Aural has walked to close to a nest of ornery squirrels. The squirrels have had enough and start chucking pine cones. Your Aural does it's best to dodge. 

Deciduous Forest Prompts:

Summer Bounty: It's late summer and food is plentiful. Your Aural stops to munch on a bushel of blackberries and the bush shakes. Out of the bush tumbles a very fat and blackberry stained pup. 

Long Grass: Your Aural has ventured into a field where the grass is very high. It can't see anything in front of it.

Winter Weather: Snow is falling gently from the sky and the sun is setting on another day of searching. Your Aural is cold and tired, but admires the beauty of the sparkling snow for a moment because continuing on it's journey. 

Lord of the Flies: Your Aural see's a pup and follows it back to what it thinks is the pups clan's den. But then it notices something odd. This clan is made up of only pups. It ventures in and the wild pups go on the offensive. 

Plains Prompts:

Through the Herds: Your Aural makes it through the herds of antelope and even though it's gurgling stomach says to stop and hunt, it keeps going at a determined pace. 

Moonlit: The moon shines down full and bright, washing the waving grass and rolling hills in silver. It decides to use this extra light to keep searching for pups. 

Tornado: Your Aural and some pups it has found are caught up in the middle of a tornado. The pups are terrified and want to run and hide, so your Aural is having trouble keeping them together. 

Quick Lunch: Your Aural has brought down an antelope and sets in to eat when a curious pair of eyes appear out of the grass. Soon, a pup is sitting there begging for food with those big, sad eyes. 

Scrub Prompts:

What is that? Your Aural has never been in the scrub before and see's a camel for the first time. 

Cacti: Your Aural is makings it's way (carefully) through a cactus forest. The tall saguaro's are nearly touching in some places, making it a tricky situation to navigate. 

Pestering Pups: Your Aural has found a couple pups, it's either an experienced scrub hunter or it's struggling to find food and water for them all. Either way, the pups are always hungry or always thirsty, their begging has become inscessant. 

Oasis: Luckily, your Aural and tagalong pups have fonud an oasis to rest at. Palm trees create shade and the water is crystal clear. Your Aural takes a much needed break while the pups wrestle in the shade. 

Desert Prompts:

Walking Bones:
 Your Aural has been lost in the desert for a while. The sun is blazing, there is nothing but sand dunes in sight. It's lost alot of weight and is not sure if it'll make it out alive. 

Fox Follower: Your Aural has learned that following a fennec fox has bettered it's chances of survival because the fox will unknowingly show it how to catch food in the desert. 

Sandstorm Rescue: An avid desert traveler, your Aural has spotted some pups in the distance, but there is a sandstorm brewing. It manages to get to them before the storm hits. Does it lead them somewhere safer or does it curl around the pups and hope for the best?

Gecko Chase: Hungry and with hungry pups in two, your Aural (and maybe even the pups) try to chase down some geckos. 

Tropics Prompts:

Rainy Season:
 It's pouring down rain. Your Aural can decided to keep walking through the rain or stop to take a break under a large leaf. 

Tropical Heaven: The jungle is a beautiful place, your Aural is in awe of all the vegetation, flowers, and brightly colored birds. Or, if it's a tropics native, it's having an easy time making it's way through the jungle to find pups. 

Jaguar: Your Aural has stopped for a drink and encountered a jaguar across the river doing the same thing. They may reguard each other or the Jaguar may try to chase the Aural from it's territory. 

The Natives: Your Aural has run into a very hostile jungle clan and decides to hightail it out of there, but not without a bunch of close calls. It can have pups in tow or it can be on it's own.

Please submit your entries here:…

- you can also submit them to the groups 'Lost Pup Search' folder -

- results will be rolled in your Aurals TRACKER, not here in the event journal. So please be sure your Aural has a tracker journal!-
More Journal Entries












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