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The almost medical florescent light glows on their heads as Fitzwilliam approaches. He picks one up, cold from the constant drip of water above, their only sustenance as they slowly died. Then he pulls at the top of the head.
And pulls.
And pulls.
No luck.
He put that one down and tries again. This repeats a few more times until he finds THE one. The fragrance hits his nostrils once his fingers brush against the top. He moans a quiet "Mmm..." as he picks THE one up.
He pulls at the top, this time getting a satisfying little pluck! as what he wants comes off in his hand. He rubs it between his thumb and forefinger.
"You are perfect."
He takes his silent bounty up, exchanges the money as is the custom, and heads home.
"Do you know what makes my plans for you so wonderful?" Fitzwilliam muses as he steps into the kitchen with his captive.
He gets no reply.
He laughs at this and says anyway, "I don't have any plans for you."
His purchase doesn't dare move or breathe.
Fitzwilliam tilt
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Will Cook For Art
United States
Current Residence: The land and the lake
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything that isn't country or rap.
MP3 player of choice: My Nintendo DS, I guess, since it is my MP3 player.
Favourite cartoon character: Cosgrove
Personal Quote: The kitchen is where I find my peace, my zen.
It's tradition now. I do this meme every year and I still boggle at how some of the answers change.

- Available: No, but I'm not seeing anybody, either

- Age: 26

- Annoyance: I've got a few but nothing worth thinking about.

- Allergic: Marijuana allergy.

- Animal: Cats

- Actor: Harpo Marx. That still won't change. EVER.

- Beer: Trappist Ale, especially Orval or Chimay

- Birthday/Birthplace: February 19th, 1986, in LR.

- Best Friends: Christine is my BFF. F'reals.

- Body Part on opposite sex: I love ears, particularly big, Clark Gable type ones.

- Best feeling in the world: A tie! Between eating good food, which had been the steadfast answer, and listening to good music. I've been falling in love with classical lately and there's nothing like a well-done string piece.

- Blind or Deaf: Surprisingly, deaf. I would miss music a lot but at least I can still sing it in my head. If I'm blind, I won't be able to cook or rp, my two greatest loves, as easily as I can now.

- Best weather: Equinoxes!

- Been in Love: Yes

- Been bitched out?: Yes

- Been on stage?: A few times for band and choir.

- Believe in yourself?: Occasionally.

- Believe in life on other planets?: The universe would be one big waste if Earth was the only place that had life. Having said that, I'm not confirming alien life until I see it.

- Believe in miracles: Where you from, you sexy thing?

- Believe in Magic: In a young girl's heart?

- Believe in God: Nope

- Believe in Satan: Nope

- Believe in Santa: Yes. And I call him Dad. If you met my dad, you'd say he's as awesome as Santa, too. This is still true.

- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Not really.

- Believe in Evolution: Definitely. Everything changes over time. Just look at some of my answers on this.

- Car: 2000 Toyota Corolla, white with the a missing from the back. But sooner rather than later, it'll be more trouble to keep up than what it's worth. Bleh, glad car shopping is still, as far as I can tell, nowhere on the current horizon.

- Candy: If put in a grocery store checkout right this very moment and allowed to pick whatever candy I like, I'd probably get a Kit Kat Bar.

- Colour: Purple

- Cried in school: Yes.

- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate. It seduced me away with its sexy darkness.

- Chinese/Mexican: Mexican

- Cake or pie: I have been craving cake a lot lately. Especially wedding cake. Fortunately, I live close to a place that sells it by the slice. XD

- Countries to visit: Canada, England, Italy, Germany, India, Japan, Australia, Egypt, and South Africa.

- Day or Night: Night

- Dream vehicle: A fixed up, green version of my car. Green in color and environmental friendliness, that is.

- Danced: I've added the dance from the Thriller music video to my repertoire!

- Dance in the rain?: Yup.

- Dance in the middle of the street?: Who hasn't?

- Do the splits?: Noooooooooooo.

- Eggs: Scrambled or over-medium.

- Eyes: Blue.

- Everyone has: their own path to take.

- Ever failed a class?: Yes. In college but not culinary school.

- First crush: Oh geez. Um... A kid named Johnny back when I was in kindergarten?

- Full name: Auralie Mary Vogler

- First thoughts waking up: Streeeeeetch!

- Food: I stand by my statements about duck. That is some delicious food. I want some so bad now. ;.;

- Greatest Fear: Letting myself become a hypocrite. Humans are strange in that they're capable of doublethink, belief in two contradictory ideas. (And I haven't actually read 1984, so apologies if I'm not using the term correctly.) I want to strive for tolerance, acceptance, and truly being kind to my fellow man. But then I fall into the same traps and begin judging, which isn't fair. I know I'm not perfect. Now I'm trying to be okay with that in everyone else as well as myself.

- Giver or taker: Probably about equal parts of both.

- Goals: To live happily. It was to have my own house before and I've made the first step towards that goal: I've got a house! In just a few short years it'll be mine all mine. :D

- Gum: Classic, Cotton Candy, or Orange

- Get along with your parents?: I recently had a dream that describes our relationship. It was the zombie apocalypse and Dad went zombie. I didn't have the heart to shoot him, so I had him bite me. But first, I let him eat Mom. This dream may not be recent anymore but it's still accurate.

- Good luck charms: None

- Hair Colour: Brown

- Height: 5'6"ish

- Happy: is a choice. One I try to make often.

- Holidays: Valentine's Day is a good one since it means discount candy for my birthday. Thanksgiving is a big one for me since it means I get to cook a lot.

- How do you want to die: As painlessly as possible.

- Health freak?: No way.

- Hate: is a waste of energy that can be used doing something else.

(In guys/girls)
- Eye colour: Any as long as it looks good.

- Hair Colour: All of them. I love it when people dye their hair weird colors, though. If it looks good, I'll like it.

- Height: Doesn't matter to me. I like people taller than me. I like people shorter than me. I like people the same height as me.

- Clothing Style: Whatever looks good, but I'm of the belief that anyone can look good in a nice top and a good pair of jeans. Simple is best, yes?

- Characteristics: Intelligent, or at least smarter than me, and conviction in their own beliefs strong enough that they aren't shaken by mine. Someone who can sensibly disagree with someone and have dialogues about it, not arguments.

- Ice Cream: A creation of mine a friend inspired called Please Di. It's coffee ice cream with mini Oreo cookies and caramel sauce. Or margarita ice cream made with tequila-based vanilla. Or dark chocolate and peanut butter

- Instrument: Flute

- Jewelry: I don't wear it anymore since it's a potential physical hazard when I cook. Except I occasionally wear this nice pair of earrings Dad gave me for Christmas. I also found a cute pair of orange rose-shaped earrings.

- Job: Cold side cook at local cafe.

- Kids: I love them but I couldn't eat a whole one.

- Kickboxing or karate: Um, tai chi? Which is closer to karate, so I'll say that.

- Keep a journal?: I miss my Wreck This Journal.

- Longest Car Ride: From Arkansas to Minnesota.

- Love: is all you need. But a little lust now and then never killed anybody.

- Letter: Publisher's Clearing House.

- Laughed so hard you cried: Reading about A Very Potter Musical on TV Tropes. I seriously thought I was going to die laughing.

- Love at first sight: Laminated doughs class. The only thing more awesome than a perfect croissant is a perfect croissant you made yourself.

- Milk flavour: Milk needs a flavor? Well, when I feel like it does, I get Dutch style chocolate milk. That stuff is rich and thick and creamy like it's milk that wants to be a milkshake or ice cream.

- Movie: Spaceballs. It's always been one of my favorites and I have such fond memories of staying up late at night to watch it on TV. Like, I would plan around it.

- Mooned anyone?: No.

- Marriage: Just in RP.

- Motion sickness?: Sometimes

- McD's or BK: Sonic Burger

- Number of Siblings: One. I'm the older sister.

- Number of Piercings: Three in my left ear, two in my right.

- Number: 37. It's a double digit prime number made of two other prime numbers.

- Overused Phrases: I swear. Usually I say Fuck.

- One wish: A wish, like, if I was gonna live it big? I'd have a financially secure vanilla farm on Tahiti, selling vanilla beans and homemade vanilla extracts for a living when I'm not on the internets.

- One phobia: I don't think I'll ever get over things that sting.

- Place you'd like to live: I think I like where I am right now, but if that wasn't an option, I would move to Capetown in a heartbeat.

- Pepsi/Coke: Coke for rum or lime, Pepsi for cherry cola.

- Quail: Never tried it before.

- Questionnaires: I like them all right.

- Reason to cry: Upset at life, listening to a good song, watching a good movie, or in RP case, too much built up character bleed.

- Reality T.V.: Murder in Small Town X. I think I might be the only person that remembers this show.

- Radio Station: The Point 94.1 is my place for classic rock. And they rewarded my knowledge of The Beatles with free pizza!

- Roll your tongue in a circle?: I sure can!

- Song: Scheherazade. All four movements.

- Shoe size: 10 1/2 Wide in American Ladies sizes.

- Sushi: Not interested.

- Skipped school: Yes except for culinary school.

- Slept outside: Yes, now that I remember it. And I'm like, "How can I forget?" But I slept outside when I went to World Youth Day. It started raining in the morning and I woke up to people putting my sleeping bag in a plastic trash bag so that I could stay dry. It didn't work.

- Seen a dead body?: Yes.

- Smoked?: No.

- Skinny dipped?: No.

- Shower daily?: Not always, which gets to these weird situations of sometimes showering once in the morning and once at night in order to take care of it from last night and ensure I won't need it tomorrow.

- Sing well?: I think I do all right. Bronchitis killed my upper range completely, though.

- In the shower?: Sometimes.

- Swear?: Yes

- Stuffed Animals?: I have a teddy bear from Build-A-Bear named Sanji and a black sheep named Hiro.

- Single/Group dates: Dates are for other people.

- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries. Bad blueberries burned me too many times, man.

- Scientists need to invent: a method of intergalactic travel.

- Time for bed: 10:45-Midnight

- Thunderstorms: Cool to watch and listen to, but annoying if they take out the power.

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: Nope.

- Unpredictable: I don't think so at this point.

- Under the influence?: Not often. Last time I had a good buzz was a celebratory drink at a nice bar after acing my wedding cake practical exam. I asked the bartender to make an Explosion. I made the mistake of starting on it with no food on my stomach. Fortunately, I didn't make an utter fool of myself.

- Understanding?: I try to be, but I tend to have a short temper.

- Vegetable you hate: Broccoli. I've tried it every which way under the sun, but I just can't get myself to like it.

- Vegetable you love: Potatoes, but who doesn't? I especially love latkes. Others on Aura's list of favorite veggies include onions, raw spinach, mushrooms, peppers, celery, corn, black beans, and pretty much anything I'd want to put in a croissant or a casserole. Man, now I wish I could make some feta-onion croissants. Now those are awesome.

- Vacation spot: Right now? Boston. I'm going there this December.

- Weakness: The internet or food.

- When you grow up: Do I have to?

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: All of my friends are a little different from me and that's just how I like it. I'm not sure any of them act more like me than the others.

- Who makes you laugh the most: As people I actually know, it'd have to be my dad. When he's not giving me good advice, he's showing off his wit or making bad puns. Either way, I just love him.

- Worst feeling: Feeling helpless.

- Wanted to be a model?: A plus size one, sure. I think I'd be pretty cute for that.

- Where do we go when we die: In the ground or the like physically. Otherwise, we don't really go anywhere. Our lives are pretty much a collection of experiences with others here on this blue-green ball of dirt. These encounters and events cause ripples throughout all of humanity that won't really disappear completely until humans are extinct. So I guess, to put it in different terms, I think that humanity has a soul and we're all pieces of it.

- Worst weather: Extremes. I like middles.

- Walk with a book on your head?: Nope.

- X-Rays: I've gotten x-rays for my teeth, spine, hips, and skull now.

-Year it is now: 2012

-Yellow: is the color of sunflowers. D:

- Zoo animal: Octopus! Or the big snakes! Or the peacocks! And I can't forget the elephants!

- Zodiac sign: would've changed if I was in the group affected! I say it just pushed me into Aquarius, which I'm cool with since that'll just prompt me to sing Aquarius from Hair.

1. Slept in a bed beside you?: Saph and TL.
2. Last person to see you cry?: Probably Sis.
3. Went to the movies with you?: Sis and Dad.
4. You went to the mall with?: .......holy geez, when was the last time I went to the mall?
5. You went to dinner with?: Dad and Sis.
6. You talked to on the phone?: Sis.
7. Made you laugh?: Sis. Or Christine. We were all laughing together and I know both of them had good stuff. But I remember Sis winning like 10 internets that night.
  • Reading: Fanfiction and Tumblr
  • Watching: Rifftrax Live: Reefer Madness
  • Drinking: The last of my hot tea.


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