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so heres the thing...

im planning on opening an Art shop on gaia (granted im still trying to work out the prices) and i need references. so i though i'd ask you all if you would like me to draw an oc, background, or any other random thing...

now... this wont cost a thing since the catch is that i can use it a sample for my ship...

i'll only be able to draw on my days off... so post as fast as you can... and this will mostlikely be a first come first serve!

list of things

  •  Chibi
  •  full-body
  •  Waist
  •  Bust
  •  couples
  •  creatures

  • Colored
  • Black'n white
  • schetched

  •  Animations- eyes only so far
  •  Backgrounds
now these doesnt even have to be humaniod.... got a furry, pony, cat, anything really i'll draw them... and it could even be things like pokemon or a favorite character