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Vaporware 2.0

Sorry, no other version apart from 1440x900 widescreen >> I was putting on the final touches when I noticed.

Anyways. I like the image-on-concrete effect. Wanted to try something different, so here it is. I hope you like.

Stock images from sXc.

art © aurahack
Title named after 8Bit Weapon.

DeviantART's categories for wallpaper suck. [edit]

Edit 2: So, 8bit Weapon actually caught glimpse of the wallpaper and asked if it could be used as art for their next release! :D Needless to say, I agreed. Kind of a little psyched that it will appear on a release of one of my favorite music artists!
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© 2008 - 2021 AuraHACK
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I stumbled upon your deviantart page watching a video of chiptunes which has Vaporware 2.0 as a background - it's awesome, thanks for the great work!
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This is sick beyond all recognition. Dude. Fucking incredible.
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Thank you so much for this! This is the longest-lasting wallpaper I've ever had!
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Nice Art Work I remember my yellow brick Gameboy
AuraHACK's avatar
Still got mine!
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Spotted your pick on youtube for a chiptune comp, and had to have it for a background, its just badass.
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Wow awesome work!
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awesome design
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Yo I noticed that 8bit weapon never used this for thier release... I was wondering if my group could use it with legal permission on our facebook and website as our logo.. we named the band "Spirit of 8Bit" because we saw this photo.. check it out on

let me know thanks
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Contacted you through the email you provided on your website.
dillpickles12293's avatar
Darn... 8Bit weapon beat me to it.
Anyways Awesome picture
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i love this!! whoa! really nice:D
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wow this is grate what did you make it with!
AuraHACK's avatar
100% Photoshop
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well you did a grat job on it love the texter
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WOW! This picture is so amazing! Would you mind if I used it as a banner?
AuraHACK's avatar
A banner to what, if I may ask?
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