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Fez! Such a wonderful game. One of the most fun experiences I've had with games in yeaaaaars.

I'll be selling this as an 18x24 poster at Otakuthon 2012, so you should come get one if you'll be there! :D

art (c) me
Fez (c) Polytron
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what a nice game *-*
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Thanks Polytron for making a PS3 version of this game.
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Hey great job! Can I use this image for the layout of a speedrun I'm doing and I'll upload to Youtube later?
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Thank you! And yes, you can, so long as credit is given like a link to my Tumblr or Twitter or something. :>
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Of course it will be given! Thanks!
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Fez is on PSN now. Should I get that game?
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Yes, you should! It's still a wonderful experience.
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Bought it and not regretting it
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I love how it makes you think and that you do not have to worry about death.  Planning on getting it from the latest Humble Indie Bundle (9) and playing it through in one day.
Is it a chance, to buy poster now? :)
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I don't understand how it is legal to sell stuff like this for profit..
I don't say this out of moral judgment either. I'm just curious.

props on all the original content though. as far as I can tell nothing in the poster is directly ripped from the game but still retains the art style. I really like this piece.
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Fez has to be the best Pixel Art Platformer of the century. For good reasons, the attention to detail in the art, the level design, the story is basic enough, the effects makes it seems as if though the game is reacting to the issues at hand, and most of all, that fez is just down right adorable.
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and then you get into the ARG stuff and blow your mind 100 times a second
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My head hurts now....
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Best Game Ever! And I've played quite a lot of games... Hehe!
Do you still sell this as a poster?...
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Not at the moment, but I'll hopefully have an Etsy shop open this summer that will sell it. c:
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i wanna play this game :< great flippin work right here!
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I'm with you, this game is amazing!!
And this fanart too ;P
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It is! :'D And thank you!
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You're welcome :3
Did you finish the game?
Like, with both endings?
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