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Litae and Orphelin: A Daring Rescue

"In a fight against an agent of the Black Moon Clan, Sailor Litae scoops up Sailor Orphelin and whisks her out of the path of an attack from Peridoto!"

Soooooooo, I really ♥love♥ Sailor Moon-based RPs on forums (always have). I particularly enjoy creating new sailor soldiers instead of using canon characters. In a recent thread, there was a fight scene where one character carried another "princess-style" to safety—I kept thinking about how cute it would look! So I finally drew this.

They're both full-grown adult characters, in fact Orphelin is taller and heavier than Litae, but I wanted to draw them kind of vaguely chibi-ish. I also decided to give Orphelin shapely legs for her high-heeled boots. So it's kind of a mess, stylistically, but I don't care.

Drawn and coloured with traditional media, and then slapped on a background that wasn't white.

The background is "Cherry Blossoms at Daigoji Temple" by Okumura Togyu. The ladies were at a Sailor Moon-universe version of the Yamatane Art Museum to see the Nihonga watercolor paintings. The real museum has several of his pieces, including this one.

Daeka Nicopolis/Sailor Litae © Anait Zellaire
Misaki Togawa/Sailor Orphelin © auraechan
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