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Spring Photoshoot | Chimereons

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My entry for the mini event going on over at the Chimereons group! - Went for a more childish approach, a full lineless with a 'storybook' style background along with some eggs to be found! Looks like Jupiter and Rowan already found some as well ^^

My Entry for:…

Chimereon Masterlists: 
Cheep - NPC/Raffle… (Rowan)… (Jupiter)… (Hoshi)

Chimereon Owners: 
Myself (Hoshi + Jupiter)
EdgeyCurlyFries465 (Rowan)

Can this image be added to by the character owners?: Yes! (Toyhouse : )
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Egg 1

You found an egg! Wait until the end of the event to see what’s inside. You’ve also been entered into the Event Raffle.

OZYMANDIAS: This egg turned out kind of plain, don't you think? Still, not all of them can be complex works of art. That weird robot bird—Blu, I think it calls itself?—painted this one... how on-brand. CK felt bad that it was so simple, and decided to put a little magic spell on it to make it cold to the touch. I guess that makes it cooler? ...No pun intended.