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Chimereon Halloween - | 2021


My entry for the Chimereon Halloween event! -…

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Carnival King: “These outfits are so totally wicked!! I hope you like candy, because I’m gonna throw it at you for bringing such a sweet costume! RAAAUGH!!” [throws candy in the air like confetti—some of it bonks you, and the two other judges, on the head]

Pom: “Hey, watch it you little—I… I mean…” [She looks back towards you with a sweet smile] “Darling, you look simply adorable! Can I come take a selfie with you for Chamstagram?”

Grimbelle: “Oi, Pom, you can do that after the show!” [He gives you an encouraging grin as he picks candy out of his hair] “That’s some pretty cool garb you’ve got going on. I can totally dig it—I bet it’ll catch on real fast in all those underground avant garde fashion groups—”

Pom: “Grimby, you do realize this is a costume contest, not a fashion showcase, right?”

Carnival King: “Hey, I’d wear it!”

On your way off stage you reach into a candy bowl full of neatly wrapped… Dirt Pearls? Weird. You pick them up and grab a raffle ticket on your way out.

You received 10 Dirt Pearls and 2 Raffle Tickets

Ozymandias gives his wheel a spin, and the spinner lands on 20 Beetoles! These will be added to your treasury at the end of the event.

Oz: “Not bad, kid. I can tell the judges were impressed, so I think it’s only right that I give you a Bonus Roll.”

You’ve won a Mummified Wing! This will be added to your inventory at the end of the event.

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This is such a pretty piece!!! Thank you for doodling the noodle!

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Of course!! I adore the noodle <3

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YESSS I loved drawing him sm,,