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A for Effort | Chimereon Mystic Harvest

... He really just tripped on a cabbage
...... Nice try Jupiter- Hoshi's got it under control!

Prompt - Help Juniper to harvest fresh vegetables from the fields

Chams Shown - 
(Both mine!)
Hoshi - Cham2356
Jupiter - Cham2686
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Juniper: "Ahhh, this is perfect! It's so nice getting some help around here before the seasons change. Those pumpkins are pretty heavy! You know that they really like milk? Go figure, a plant that does well on dairy—oh, right! I promised you a reward. Let's see what I've got here..."

For your efforts, you received 10 Beetoles and 5 Dirt Pearls! These will be added to their respective records in the Treasury when the event ends. Finally, you earn 1 Raffle Ticket, which will be automatically entered into the Raffle! The Raffle will be drawn at the end of the event in December.

Juniper: "This cranky fella Oz also has a little surprise! You've gone the extra mile for me and he agreed to let you give his wheel a spin. Let's see what the ticker lands on..."

- You won 1 Chantilly Voucher! This can be traded in to Chantilly's Bakery at the end of the event in December.

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