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Sunken Mysteries

"Somewhere something is still unknown"

My entry for

All resources belong to the respective owners i do not own anything used in making the art piece.

Software: Photoshop cs4
Time taken: 3 hrs


P.S- The model is so Hot :nosebleed: 
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It is crazy how great this is, seriously. Great resource choices, great blending and placement, great color work. Seriously great job Aura!
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Well Done, you have Won 1ST Place with your work on G2 DeviantArt Competition: 553
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Thanks ?
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Thank You from the G2 Forum, G2 Portal, G2 Networks and the G2 DA Group.  
Your submitted work has been Nominated and Entered into our
G2 DeviantArt Competition: 553 [24HR Voting] @ the G2 Forum DeviantArt Group :
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очень красивая работа!Love  Мне нравится! пожалуйста, взгляните на мою галерею, надеюсь вы
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Большое спасибо .. я ценю ваш комплимент . (с помощью Google Translator , хотя) вы пр некоторые интересные work..watched вас :)
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Beautifully done!
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You're welcome. :)
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Well done, good luck on the contest!
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ommggg thank u so much :D
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Fantastic work ...
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