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As The Sandwich Burns - 001

By Auora-chan
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This is the first of hopefully many comics I am going to start doing. I work at a place that sells sandwiches (and some other misc things too, but sandwiches are the BIG thing, right?) and sometimes the people I get are... less then smart.

My last day working there is tomorrow though, but I still won't give you the (very obvious) name of the place I work at.

Paint artwork (c) me
Blurred picture (c) me (yes, I shot the original picture)

Anyway, hope to get some comments on the amusement of this. I'm not an artist and can't draw well, this was done in Paint with a mouse (well, part was done in photoshop but meh) in a couple hours or so - comments on how crappy the 'quality' is can kiss my butt. ;p
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kitsune-lunari's avatar
Well hrmph, you stole my idea! *was thinking of making a comic based on your competition, Quiznos x3* And yeah, you'd think they knew. These people at my work are amazed that we charge for extra Tomatoes. Like, seriously, where do you find free extra tomatoes? x3
Subway gives you free extra veggi toppings. But you can't get extra meat or cheese without a charge. People will want some stuff on the side or extra and it's not a big deal. ;)

I don't work there anymore though, and my motivation for the comic comes and goes frequently. :P
Abbi's avatar
Subway = <3
Shh! People aren't supposed to know! ;p
farrier's avatar
I love how you can make it so expressive just with MSPaint's basic shapes.
I try... I mean, come on, what do you think I spent those hours on anyway? Moving the text around? XD
cherryvanilla's avatar
Oh, lol. Those silly people. XD

This is why I dont work in food. :<
Yeah, it's not the best environment. Picked an interesting day to actually start the comic though... day I leave, haha.
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