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Hey everyone long time no see!

For the Americans I hope you had a fun July 4TH. Celebrate Party Party SMILEY RAVE 

Just wanted to say sorry for the lack of updates and especially the lack of art lately, I've been busy working on various projects that I can't necessarily post here on deviantart. I did an illustration for a project Management group and i'm still volunteering with an animation group making backgrounds. Along with that I went through with it and got the artist table at Ancient City Con, i'm making costume tails, ears, and horns to sell as well as some prints of my work, key chains, and of course i'll be taking at the table commissions. 

And since I never got a chance to share my good news... I got a Cinitq Companion 2!!!! YEAH! I debated it and researched a long time before I officially decided to get it, alot of sites will tell you that the surface pro 3 is just as good as a Cintiq and I believe it honestly, I just trust and like Wacom more and I haven't been disappointed yet  :grin: :grin: 

If anyone has any questions about the Cintiq Companion 2 please feel free to ask I'd be glad to give any input or share what I know. Llama Emoji-55 (Happy New Year) [V3] 

20150705 151637 by Aunumwolf42

20150705 151615 by Aunumwolf42

Besides all that I got a couple of trades going with some friends, That I Will Start Soon I promise! XD Commissions are still open for those who are interested! You can find info down below. And you should start seeing new stuff from me soon! 

And Last but not least for those who don't know I have an Instagram and a Twitter account now, I gotta say I really love Instagram I mainly take pictures of sketches, W.I.Ps and craft stuff so if you're interested come stalk me there and i'll stalk you back! :D 



P.S. Check out my new snazzy avatar :iconaunumwolf42: made by my fantastic friend :heart: :heart: :iconalfashampoo-artemis:  :heart: :heart:


Here is my animation titled Soul Catcher

This animation follows the day in the existence of the three spirits of death Mortis, Obitus and Nex as they travel the world collecting the souls of the departing.
Created entirely by Christiana Broughton ( Aunumwolf42)

Commission's now open!

Commission Details: 
Aunum's Commission Price List by Aunumwolf42

Aunum's Commissions Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Please Read Thoroughly

I.                    Initiation

II.                  It is the responsibly of the client to provide detailed reference material of the subject matter / character(s), and/or a highly detailed written description
A.                  Picture References:

1.                  Required: One or more detailed image(s) of your character/subject matter. Multiple images showing a 360 view of your character/subject matter are preferred (front, back, both sides, etc.)
2.     &

Please check out my Redbubble store here: Aunumwolf42 

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O-Chan La

Have a Good one!
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Hello! I noticed that you said you'd be willing to help anyone with questions regarding the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. I know this was a little while ago but I hope you may still have some answers xD

I received my CC2 today and immediately installed paint tool sai, but there was a horrible calibration issue with the pen and cursor. It seems that was a common issue which people reported they fixed by changing a setting in the properties menu, compatibility tab that says "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings".

This fixed the calibration issue, but it seems to have caused everything in SAI to become painfully small, the UI, the menus, the canvas itself. It looks nothing like what I see in the images you took of your CC2 running SAI and it's getting frustrating.

Did your SAI look like that from the get-go or was this something you had to deal with? If it helps, I can take a picture of SAI on my CC2 to show what is actually happening.

Thank you for the consideration.
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Hello! I was looking into purchasing a Cintiq Companion 2...but I have my doubts...

Some reviews say its totally worth it and some say its not...

I was wondering what is your opinion? Pros-cons?

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So awesome!! A worthwhile purchase! If I wasn't so attached to my methods of working I'd totally look into them. I'm just far to cheap and connected to my tablets. :XD: Took me years to finally upgrade off of my old fart one from when I started digital 9 years ago!

That pic you're working on looks awesome though! Can't wait to see it finished!
Also take your time on the trade! I'm making sure my half looks super fab for you :D
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I hear ya! It would have been amazing to have it while I was in school but I enjoy being able to use it now. To be honest i'm still getting use to it, so for my big quick projects I use my old tablet just cause i'm more comfortable with it and I can produce things more quickly.  It was also my graduation gift from my family so it wasn't completely bought with money from my pocket, which made it a little more worth it for me. 

You started digital 9 years ago? Dude im jelly, I wish I had started doing digital earlier, but I was really into markers at the time xD I didn't even think about doing digital art till 2010 that's when I got my first tablet...huh... my first tablet was a highschool graduation gift now that I think about it XDD

I can't wait to see how the trades come out, I saw the others you did and keep getting excited. I'll do the same with my half! 
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Haha that's funny how that works!! The best kinda technology is the kind you get for free :D
You'll get used to it soon I bet! And it'll be like you always had it~

Yup! I don't even think I have my first attempts at digital online anymore. I know they are here on dA somewhere but they are in the depths of my Stored Deviations. I'm glad I improved since then... :giggle:
I still think I have a lot to improve on digitally for sure though. Then again, you never stop learning right? I really need to get back to trying out SAI too!

Awesome! :D I am sketching yours out currently. Gonna probably get to rendering it after I get some work done on my next comic page and a commission! So sooooon-ish :3
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OMGGG I have been looking into those for awhile now, so jelly lol
how are you enjoying it so far?
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It always takes me some time to get use to new tech, but so far I really love it! :D This is gonna sound stupid, but I really didn't get that the cinitq is basically a flat computer with a touch screen >w> in my mind it was more like a drawing tablet with wifi capabilities if that makes any sense xD lol

I love the fact I can take it anywhere it was driving me crazy to be shackled to my desk all the time xD  
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