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Hey all! :D 

Just wanted to let you know officially Art Commissions are Open again! I've been working on a new website where you can locate all my Commission info, Prices, terms and conditions a new hopefully easier way to get a hold of me! 

If you follow this link ---->Commission Info! <----  you should find all the info and examples you need!
And here is a just a link to my new website in general-------> New Website! <-------  For those of you who are interested! :D

I apologize for not being super active on Deviantart I do try to submit art and answer comments when I can, but for those of you who'd like more regular info updates I would suggest following my Twitter or Instagram I'v been becoming more and more active on those sites of late posting art and talk about life x3 

But for those of you who don't i'm happy to report that I was able to go to San Diego Comic Con this year as well as a furry convention called Megaplex! I'll be posting pictures from those two excursions soon I got to meet some very amazing people especially during Comic Con! xD 

ComicCon was an awesome adventure I got to take with my family who are all huge nerds, the convention was so big over the course of 4 days we only got to see maybe 1/4 of it XP but there were so many great cosplays and artists and famous people. It was Wild bordering on overwhelming xD 

Megaplex it was an absolute blast i'm so glad I got to go with my friends, my bf and I even got to celebrate our One year anniversary together just so glad we got to do it at such a fun convention. It was awesome to meet so many amazing and sweet people and so so many amazing fursuits, even go to met some fellow artists I really admire! xD


Here is my animation titled Soul Catcher

This animation follows the day in the existence of the three spirits of death Mortis, Obitus and Nex as they travel the world collecting the souls of the departing.
Created entirely by Christiana Broughton ( Aunumwolf42)

Commission's now open!

Commission Details HERE… <

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O-Chan La

Have a Good one!
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