Can You Draw The Internet?

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After a wildly successful campaign for Internet Week Europe 2010, UK-based digital agency Saint has partnered with deviantART, as well as ArtWeLove, The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment and The NYC Department of Education to bring 'Can You Draw the Internet?' (CYDTI) to Internet Week New York, June 6-13.

We are asking deviants to submit original artwork in what will certainly be one of the largest global art initiatives of the year. CYDTI reveals what happens when you pit school children against a group of  designers, artists, and creative professionals (you!) in an experiment that asks them to draw their own version of the Internet.

It's the ultimate open creative brief: Capture the spirit of the Internet's billions of pages in a single image (see examples below).

Your participation in this project would be invaluable to its success. It would also provide inspiration to all the kids submitting their entries to 'Can You Draw The Internet?' So, c'mon, do it for the kids!

Before submitting your art, please read the official rules at carefully, as they differ from usual deviantART participation rules.

All submissions received by Monday, June 6, will be shown digitally in a specially designed gallery at Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea during Internet Week New York, June 6 - 9, 2011 alongside established artists like Seth Indigo Carnes, Shelter Serra, Shaun Friesen, Douglass Rushkoff and Josh Harris.

All submissions received after June 6 up until October 3 will automatically be considered for Internet Week Europe, taking place this November, 2011. These submissions will live on the CYDTI website where people will be able to vote on their favorites.

A curated panel of art luminaries from CYDTI will select a handful of designs that will be produced as museum-quality limited edition prints available for purchase online and showcased during Internet Week Europe in November. Any artists chosen to participate in this way will be notified of their selection at least 1 month in advance.

For those in the NYC area, the good folks at Internet Week are offering 100 NYC-based deviants FREE HQ passes to Internet Week (a $25 value). Be the first to claim your ticket by entering the code: d3v1@nt_iwny11 (1 HQ pass per deviant) by clicking on the 'Register' button below.

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someone just make a giant dick. but extra extra detailed. to the smallest pube
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Summarize the internet in one picture?

lol, already been done.
Just behold the glory...

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I think this is a proper moment to say a picture is worth a thousand words.
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Or a thousand internets.
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You sir have won the internet.
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Everyone is just replying to this lol
Vypor's avatar
People tend to do that with comments they like. : P
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Drat, I was thinking that. But beautiful. :')
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I can't agree more.
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exactly what i was thinking
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I wish i could fave your comment!
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I was going to comment and say that this was an impossible task: I have, however, been proved wrong.
Ultra-Devil-Chao's avatar
Yup, my thoughts exactly.
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Looks like we can go home, guys. Internet's over.
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:shrug: So in a way, ~Whynne has already won. Sucks to be the other contestants =D
Fingertipster's avatar
Indeed. Been there, done that!
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
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Randall Monroe needs to take part in this. [link]

Actually... knowing him, I bet he is. XD
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I never knew he updated it! :lol:
I lol'd at Kanye's Isle of Sadness. :XD:
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The names are just too awesome xD
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