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Tiger Pillow

By aun61
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It's Calvin & Hobbes fanart : D
In the past, I dont usually drew any American cartoon fanart.
Because almost characters have their special unique depend on the artists. It's not match my anime style and they'll be other ones else.
Anyway, I'd love to try :3

Hobbes looks almost like the original. Calvin is not but I think if he was in the Anime, he should be like this, might be...
You see, I drew it likeed an American comic strips : D

I wish I'd have a double-size tiger like Hobbes. (I meaned he is taller than me as Hobbes is taller than Calvin)
I would hug and sleep in its warmy fluffy fur >_<
I have a little cat. She always run away when I put my head on her stomach... *sigh*

Calvin & Hobbes (c) Bill Watterson
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Mmmmm fluffy tiger pillow, who wouldn't like that? I may just have to Join Calvin sleeping on Hobbs' tummy
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I think you do a very good job in capturing the six year old part of Calvin, something that many people fail to do in fan work--or fans in general when reading the comic. Great job!
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awwww i luv calvin and hobbes i havent read them in a while tho lol
luvs it:heart:
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I adore it! So very cute!
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I feel like I seen them before, I think I seen this on robot chicken or something
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Calvin looks like lucas from brawl!!:D

You've got talent!!
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thats adorable.^^
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This is so cute! I think it looks just like my son. But I always wanted to have my own Calvin, so I might be biased :)
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AAAARGH this is soooo cute!!!
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awwww, i love calvin and hobbes
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i-i-i- it's SO CUTE!!! :heart:
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How can you NOT put this in your main gallery?! It looks great!

And I envy your ability to draw Calvin's hair in an manga style. I sure can't...
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Awww! I love Calvin and Hobbes!
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I love Calcin and Hobbs. This is just too cute to not fav!
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hehe my brothers ubsessed with calvin and hobbes
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CALVIN AND HOBBES!!??! I love them! *favs*
janey-in-a-bottle's avatar
This way, Calvin looks so innocent - although we all know, he isn't... :D
Great pic and a fav!
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OMG...too effing CUTE!
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