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Sand Boarding

By aun61
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This is a commission for :iconkrhainos:

I wonder they can really surf the sand!?

character (c) =krhainos
art by me
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Iv surfed sand on a chilly bin lid!

Fell of and face planted on rock hard and hot black sand... ouch!

Love the picture.

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now that's a cool idea!! make the sands useful

but can't picture an Arab doing that.
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:D aww awesome. the Cg rawk
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Awsome wicked!!!
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Nice pic, and yes, they can do it on sand
Cobra79's avatar
this is really nice Wolf, great shading and coloring to!
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SWEET! i love your rendition of this character, you made him look so cute and cool at the same time XD
chameleonice's avatar
Absolutely radical ;P I'm terrible at boarding of any kind, but I love images like this. Everything just looks so stylish! The outfit is really well done too, totally fitting the setting that you have going on here. No doubt the artist loved the results of this :)
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Reminds me of a dessert bandit! -^_0-
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Now that is AWESOME!!
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Beautiful detail on the sand and clothing. Lovely job!
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Sound like fun. :3 Though, I don't even know how to snowboard. XD
Alucard9800's avatar
I like this, Looks really cool ^^
SonicHomeboy's avatar
Whoa. That's pretty cool. :)
FirstSergeantDaniel's avatar
Orange eyes, nice color.
Very well drawn.
Great work choosing the colours.

Great job!
It's a very nice work, congratulations.
Keep it up! :winner:
ViewtifulTj's avatar
This picture is full of win.
skifi's avatar
They can if the sand is small-enough grain ^^ And if you don't mind some risky extreme sports, hehehe

Hey, really well done! :3 The pose fits the subject really well, and the "sand surfing" effect is also great! :3 I like a lot the face expression also, and my only question is if you drew thins thinking about a desert, because it could have been a brighter source of light.... ^____^

...unless they avoid noon to surf, and wait until nightfall, lol XD
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I really like the colors in the pic.
Sand surfing would actually be a neat sport to watch or try out.
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I wanna do thaaaaat! D: Awesome picture.
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I so want to learn to snowboard.

Love the pic.
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