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Hey- Long Ears

Rabbit is my favorite character of Winnie the Pooh.
Why does everyone love to make him mad : P

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I'm glad there's somebody who loves Rabbit like me!
Yeah, sometimes he's kind of sassy, but I respect him because we're pretty similar XD and also because he was a good father when he took care of Kessie ^w^
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Rabbit's my favorite character too.

I really HATE it when Tigger lands on Rabbit and wish he wouldn't do that. But, that's just the way it is.
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Rabbit is my favorite too.
You're style is amazing! I'd love to watch the show in your style!
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I would like to draw tattoo designs, but I have no idea could you help me stp
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This is so cute ;u;
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:D Very cute drawing!
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I always felt bad for Rabbit ('MY GARDEN!!?'). Tigger was always my favorite, I think.
Omg I love rabbit and yeah...I found out rabbit wasn't a guy in 9th grade T.T I was so sure he and tigger would get together... still kind of think so XD
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oh man I love this
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Why Tigger likes to make Rabbit mad.

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EEEEeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I love this!!! Rabbit is totally my favorite, and I love the way he and Tigger interact! They're always entertaining! This is a really great artwork!!!
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He is mine tooo .>W<. -hugs you- He is so cute angery!!
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OMG I love Rabbit!! But...I always thought he was a girl, until I was set straight at 14. There went the wedding idea. =^.^=''''
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I always thought he was a girl too because he always reminded me of my cranky Grandma. (He sounds like her too...) :XD: I also thought he and Tigger were destined to be, until I was told the truth... ^^'
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