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Customize Your Desktop
Your Boring Desktop
We , computer users (I mean art lovers) , spend all day in front of our monitors . We use several programs like internet browsers , media players , text editors . . . These programs are written for being able to make something noticable , but mostly they don't have anything noticable except the work they do . Our desktop is full of boring single-toned bars , columns and buttons which have nothing to do with aesthetics .
This is where customization starts . In my opinion , it's not easy . Because there are lots of different categories under customization like theming (the hardest part I think) , icons , wallpapers , application skinning (this is hard too , because every application has it's own skinning structure) . To add more aesthetics to your computer's visual appearance , you have to build a theme in your head and select it's building stones . But don't be worried , you don't have to build that "building stones" yourself , there are lots of arti
:iconalperyesiltas:alperyesiltas 154 77
Hi, because this theme is my photographic style, I decide to do This News!
Colors, the life is full of them, and colors bring us happiness, and oder good things, everyone should think, dream, imagine, be Color!
This news, is divided in red, pink, violet, blue, green, yellow and orange!
Hope u like it!

lu 3 by dojoh
World of Imagination by gilad:thumb48689845:Sleepwalker by vladxcStreet Art by gilad
Photo - Captured Beauty by tigaerA Bed of Petals by PB-HASSTears On Her Lips by S3BR4Solitary Pink by mobiusco-photo:thumb34088551::thumb36925388:Contained in String by mobiusco-photoRebirth by TraspaeTwisted By Design... by CommanderDexRemembrance by Solkkuheartbeats 1 by Ivan-Sutapop by palominodweezil:thumb51872748:Bubblegum Concert by raemarshalldream vortex by bosniak
:thumb22433140:Her Flower by kittynnfeatheryness by Roxsquoggle:thumb45736909:
Colorful by Chacalxxx:thumb33845247:
Passion by blizLove Light by ninazdesign:thumb53502976:Illuminated Emotions by SolkkuForbidden Paradise by asianrabbitRemembrance by Solkku:thumb42438084:Violet Tendencies by rue99A sunrise scene by AntonioAndrosiglioIvory ear by paikan07:
:icontoo-much4you:too-much4you 267 165
A Community Development Update
Where have you been?
It has been a while since I have released a proper Community Development Update, and that is due to a lot of different reasons. The primary one involves lots and lots of work behind the scenes! So read on to get a heaping helping of all things DA!
deviantART…what is it and where is it going?
So, here we all are, on deviantART, submitting work, commenting, making friends, browsing art, and so on. But where are we?
Personally, I feel we are virtual pioneers  at the forefront of something amazing.
I feel that we are just now starting to see what a community like this is capable of doing. A community that has grown on word of mouth in a natural organic way. With no fistfuls of money thrown at it to promote it. No fancy commercials. A community that envelops artistic styles from across the spectrum and deviants from every single inch of the planet.
A community that is without a doubt the sum of its parts. I think d
:iconlolly:lolly 779 1,501
Composition and Perspective
Hi, :wave: everyone, this is my first news. I want to show all that the photography can transform the way to look into an normal thing, for example Buildings, we always pass by them in our lives, but mos part of us don't view nothing special about them. I want to show the other side of that, I think is all about Composition and perspectives, lines and shapes, colors and contrasts!
I select a very large set of thumbs hope u like!
that ones are mine:
:thumb52145318:Limpa para brisas by too-much4you:thumb52144857::thumb51937043:fall down by too-much4you:thumb51936457::thumb51422233:Architecture by too-much4you:thumb46781627::thumb22958970:
Pico by too-much4you:thumb52146110::thumb52146002::thumb52145445::thumb52145232::thumb52145088::thumb52144845:O ponto de fuga by too-much4youO caminho para o ceu by too-much4you:thumb51936265::thumb51936110::thumb46781699:
and that is from other Photographers:
:icontoo-much4you:too-much4you 84 80
FEATURE: the story behind the photo.
I've always been intrigued by the process that photographers go through when they take their photos. What goes through their mind when they shoot? Why do they compose a shot a certain way? How did they mean for the shot to be interpreted?
I decided I was going to find out. I contacted several friends and asked them to choose a photo from their gallery, then share the story behind it. The responses I received were more than I could have hoped for: not only were the photos incredible (of course that was to be expected from these talented photographers), but the stories that accompanied them were incredibly insightful. I enjoyed reading each and every one of them, and am extremely grateful to them for their help. I hope that you will enjoy these stories as much as I did :aww:

"Gone in January"
by LutherBash
"At that time a friend of mine was in hospital fighting cancer. It was clear that he's going to die, he was on heavy morphine already. I visited him about one w
:iconrazzledazzlerose:razzledazzlerose 81 72
Square2 (vol.1)
As you follow , many of my photos like "window" series are in square format . I think building a composition in square format is more difficult than other formats , because it needs a special "square" eye to achieve , that's because I love it . Here are some of the best squares I've come across last days , I think photographers of these photos certainly have that "eye" . Hope you enjoy them . . .

chocolat noir 0067 by chocolatenoir chocolat noir 0111 by chocolatenoir
:thumb44397228: :thumb44397148: Noir Reflections2 by Virus69
:thumb43299209: rever de longs voyages... by Christophe-Niel :thumb44611448:
Crossing Over by AgenttSmith :thumb46625483: :thumb48680692:
:thumb34691717: birds by Bonia :thumb48791487:
:thumb34869431: :thumb44987682: :thumb45951788:
square noir 16 by rob-art Saklambac by ashtapot :thumb42475601:
:iconalperyesiltas:alperyesiltas 32 48
Featured: Still Life Photography
Still life photography is a unique medium. It captures the world around us in such innovative, creative ways. It can take an everyday object and, through the eye of the photographer, transform it into something beautiful. Have you ever seen interaction among gummy bears? Have you ever seen a box spring wreak havoc and destruction like a tornado? Maybe not in the real world, but in a photographer's world, anything can happen!
Below is a collection of still life pictures with under 100 :+fav:'s. Please take a look at these photos and support these artists! I hope to do more features like this in the future.

:thumb37021618: Fasting Temptation... by ditya
Wet apple... by caro77 Sparkling Star by Violator3 crayons by Silme-Amelie
Burst of Light I by mcfonk the softest touch II by vallanthe :thumb36240762:
Apple by kiddego Broken Homes by Pixelcoma Humdrum by Silvery-Lily
tornado: tiny. by rickshawpresents - L i M E - by Bavenmark :thumb25022699:
:iconthetopcrusader:thetopcrusader 59 38
So you want a Daily Deviation?
You work harder than ever before on an image, checking every bit of it to see if there is anything else that can be done.  With a bit of pride and excitement, you post it and get a little excited as people post some comments and faves to it.  This is the one that is going to flood the gallery directors inbox with suggestion notes as people flock to suggest it for a daily deviation.  Some people might have even told you they suggested it, all you have to do is wait for your spot in the sun as it gets featured.
Well, some time goes by and nothing happens.  Maybe the admin has a ton of suggestions and the suggestion note was not opened yet.  Some more waiting, no feature.  All the excitement turns to a variety of negative feelings as time slips by.  Maybe the frustration causes you to question why you even bother with it all.  "Why are people with smaller galleries than mine, or less time here than mine gettin
:iconaeires:Aeires 481 297
Want to make better art? Simplify.
There is an interesting article which appeared on the UCSD website recently entitled Beauty in the Brain.
The article is about the perception of beauty and is a very good read for anyone interested in the psychology of aesthetics. The core of the article basically boils down to this: We perceive things as beautiful because they are easy for the human brain to process.
quoting the article: “What you like is a function of what your mind has been trained on,” Winkielman said. “A stimulus becomes attractive if it falls into the average of what you’ve seen and is therefore simple for your brain to process. In our experiments, we show that we can make an arbitrary pattern likeable just by preparing the mind to recognize it quickly.”
To me, this is a mind-blowing concept; a basic mechanism which can be seen everywhere. For example, it seems to explain why some songs 'grow on us' the more times we listen to
:iconfenglyph:Fenglyph 73 54
Underappreciated Photography Vol. 1
Underappreciated Photography Vol. 1
A collection of lesser known photos on deviantART. Enjoy and don't forget to support these amazing artists!
(Feel free to leave a link to works of your own or others that you feel deserve more attention, and I will be more than happy to check them out.)
rough by detail24 Contrast by Djoe :thumb40308286: Ontology by LutherBash Two hearts by LutherBash owinje fizzzzzz by jermio :thumb22995812: Stacie by vovkas blank by pistonbroke Journey by pistonbroke
:iconandy261:andy261 66 72




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